Treasurer Hangs Up On Radio Host

Katy Grimes: California State Treasurer Bill Lockyer hung up on a local radio talk show host this morning when pushed to answer why public employees should be paid such large public pensions.

Talking about the latest Little Hoover Commission report, and in the context of why public employees deserve no-risk pensions, Eric Hogue, of 1380 KTKZ AM, asked Lockyer  why public employees shouldn’t share the same risk as private sector employees, with 401 k retirement accounts and the like. After Lockyer said “it won’t happen,” Hogue pushed him to answer why and how the entitlement can continue. Lockyer said that the private sector got “screwed by Wall Street,” and that will not happen to public union employees.

As Hogue kept trying to get Lockyer to explain why public employees should continue receiving pensions funded by taxpayers that the state can no longer afford, Lockyer hung up.

Hogue reported later that the Treasurer called back, and said he thought the last question had already been asked, as he hung up. But there was no “goodbye” or “thank you” from Lockyer, and Hogue said he did not perceive that the interview was over.

Hogue said he would post the transcript of the interview on his website.

MAR. 16, 2011

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  1. larry 62
    larry 62 16 March, 2011, 11:35

    Shouldn’t be a surprise because we all know how democrats get elected.

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