Recall Gov. Jerry Brown!

John Seiler:

I’ve had enough. Four and a half months of Gov. Jerry Brown, Part Deux, is four and a half months too much.

Last October, even before he was elected, I was the first to demand: Recall Gov. Jerry Brown. Even before the election, in the Cheyne-Stokes of Meg Whitman’s pathetic campaign, it was clear Jerry would win — and win big. And it was clear he would be a disaster as  governor.

After he actually was elected, I figured I’d give him a break. His tax increase plea was predictable. At least he wanted to give voters a chance to give it a thumbs up or down.

But his May Revise is an outrage. We taxpayers worked ourselves into a frenzy to bring him more revenue. And we delivered: $6.6 billion more than he projected in his original, January budget proposal.

Our reward? He wants to increase spending. And to pay for that, he still wants to increase taxes for five years.

Most galling is that he wants to raise taxes to pay for bonds that haven’t been issued yet. He calls this responsible governance.

Here’s an idea: If you don’t have the money, don’t buy something. Don’t issue the bonds. Do we really need to blow $9 billion on that dumb high-speed rail boondoggle? Which means $18 billion in costs to taxpayers because of interest payments.

No, we don’t need it. And we don’t need this governor.

Recall Gov. Jerry Brown!

May 17, 2011



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  1. Rogue Elephant
    Rogue Elephant 17 May, 2011, 11:36

    Amen! Brown must go! But, I think we also need a viable third party candidate to replace him.

    To their credit, the GOP has stood up against tax hikes (for once). But, Meg Whitman proved that their leadership is poor and dominated by political consultants who are only in it for a buck (win or lose).

    California may require a third party to challenge the Democrats, by appealing to voters who are fiscally conservative, but socially liberal.

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  2. CalWatchdog
    CalWatchdog Author 17 May, 2011, 15:11

    And tell him to take all of the pro-tax legislators with him…


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    • mikeag
      mikeag 13 October, 2015, 20:42

      I agree we need a republican in office. The longer brown is in office the more bad decisions he makes.

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  3. Eric in Santa Rosa
    Eric in Santa Rosa 17 May, 2011, 22:06

    Hear hear! May I suggest Chelene Nightingale, or maybe Art Olivier, depending on what he’s doing these days. Or cajoling Tom McClintock to return here from Washington.

    Actually, when a politician tells me he/she is “fiscally conservative and socially liberal,” I make a fast grab for my wallet and clutch it TIGHTLY!!! They’re *never* the fiscal conservatives they tout themselves to be.

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  4. Rogue Elephant
    Rogue Elephant 18 May, 2011, 02:40

    Unfortunately, the GOP in California and elsewhere have proven that most social conservatives aren’t fiscal conseervatives, either. They just play the social conservatives.

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  5. Jeff Gallagher
    Jeff Gallagher 18 May, 2011, 07:33

    It’s clear that the Republicans have been unable to field a viable candidate who is not pre-occupied with polling numbers. The public, in general, is tired of extreme politics, left or right. Where is the true voice of the people? And, if he or she is out there, how will we hear them over th din of pandering by both sides?

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  6. StevefromSacto
    StevefromSacto 19 May, 2011, 11:11

    Yeah, how’d the last one work out for you?

    Jeff Gallagher is right: The people of California are sick of extremist politics. Gov. Brown is trying to gather reasonable and responsible members of both parties into a coalition to help our state weather the storm.

    Maybe that’s why you are so frightened.

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  7. John Seiler
    John Seiler 19 May, 2011, 13:05

    StevefromSacto: We’re just getting warmed up with this recall stuff. Arnold didn’t work out. I called for years to for him to be recalled. He should have been.

    Well, let’s move on. Recall Jerry Brown!

    I was the first to call for it. And let me be the first to say: Recall Jerry’s successor!

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  8. John Seiler
    John Seiler 19 May, 2011, 13:05

    Jeff asks: “Where is the true voice of the people?”

    Answer: Right here on

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  9. BobBunch
    BobBunch 14 July, 2011, 16:41

    People, please wake up, we have too get this man out of office. RE-CALLJerry BROWN now.

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  10. kay
    kay 15 July, 2011, 06:00

    Jerry needs to go….don’t trust him with the budget and now he’s making the school system into a laughing stock with this bill about teaching “sexual preference” into the public schools…
    He needs to go NOW.

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  11. DG
    DG 25 July, 2011, 20:42


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  12. Joe
    Joe 25 July, 2011, 21:58

    Recall this clown now!

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  13. Brenda
    Brenda 27 July, 2011, 00:30

    I was wondering if anyone else was paying attention. I am not sure how Brown got elected again after the disaster he left the first time around. I guess the voters had amnesia. Not only are his tax hikes way out of line, but his dream act is for the birds. My college student just registered for school. He changed the income amount max, so she no longer qualifies for a BOG waiver (Board of Governors) and he increased the amount of tuition. Thanks a lot Brown. Now all the illegal immigrants get a free ride while my daughter struggles to get through college. It’s just not right. If they want to go to school, let them pay taxes like the rest of us. I don’t care if they stay in our state, but share our costs. This is insane!

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  14. DG
    DG 7 August, 2011, 18:44


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    • Limotim
      Limotim 14 November, 2016, 19:13

      DG.Did anyone get the petition going?

      He has. 2 years left and can do annourmous damage to our state in that time.

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  15. DG
    DG 7 August, 2011, 18:45


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  16. Kevin
    Kevin 30 August, 2011, 12:46

    When he came into office, he said nothing would be inacted with first
    getting the vote from the people, all he’s done since then is just sign
    things into law. Typical for his party! The problem is that the younger
    people that voted for him didn’t know how he screwed things up both times
    he’s been in office.

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  17. ralph d
    ralph d 9 September, 2011, 00:09

    he is a rerun rerun so recall rerun recall rerun recall rerun recall rerun

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  18. Joe
    Joe 14 September, 2011, 17:19

    If Jerry Brown signs the California Dream Act, as he has hinted he would, we should recall his scummy rear end!!! I am Mexican-American and I am against this. Time are tough enough, and he wants to added another entitlement program for illegal aliens, and stick us with the bill!!!

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  19. Mark G
    Mark G 8 October, 2011, 16:38

    He did it! He signed that horrible dream act that will allow illegal aliens to steal steal our hard earned tax dollars from deserving AMERICAN students.It’s time to send Jerry Brown packing, just like we did with Davis.

    Brown and the legislators are traitors, placing foreign lawbreakers above law abiding American citizens. They are not representing us, they are representing Mexico.

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  20. alphapapalima
    alphapapalima 8 October, 2011, 22:34

    He signed the Dream Act… how do we recall him!!

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  21. Bob
    Bob 9 October, 2011, 16:48

    He signed the Dream Act. He intends to use forcible extraction to use money taken from citizens who can’t afford to send their own children to a state college of their choice. Brown and the legislators are traitors, placing foreign lawbreakers above law abiding American citizens. They are not representing us, they are representing Mexico. The public, in general, is fed up with extreme politics, left or right and fed up with city, county, state, federal, secret, shadow and Wall street government. Recall the bastard! These bought and paid for politicos can take their “let them eat cake attitude” and stuff it! Its time people……..

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  22. anthony
    anthony 10 October, 2011, 20:50

    I am such a fool. I voted for this man thinking at his age he finally would have some wisdom and the desire for a legacy, his swan song…well now i regret my idealistic ruminations now leading to ruination. Time to recall this man and put him back out into the pasture where he belongs…PLEASE lets get it started NOW! What is wrong with our state, our country? How is it all we can find are losers to be our so-called leaders?

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  23. anthony
    anthony 10 October, 2011, 20:58

    Oh yea, by the way will SOMEBODY TELL ME HOW OUR TAX DOLLARS ARE ABLE TO BE FUNNELED INTO THE HANDS OF ILLEGALS? TRESPASSERS? NON-US CITIZENS? This while my wife and I work our ASSES off to help our daughter make it through a Junior College because we could not afford to send her any of the ivy league universities she was accepted to attend? This while my wife and I work our asses off to keep a roof over our head? I am so $%*$%(^ mad i better stop here.

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  24. Crystal
    Crystal 11 October, 2011, 12:15

    I will sign a petition to recall him as soon as available. He has shown more concern for illegalsl than he has for the citizens of this state.

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  25. concernedParent
    concernedParent 11 October, 2011, 12:47

    Recall this Corrupt Governor Now!!!
    Start the Campaign to recall this Governor who sold out children’s health to the Drug companies(ab499)!

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  26. Michael
    Michael 13 October, 2011, 19:08

    Brown is owned by the unions and favors the illegal immigrants over Americans. Recall Jerry Brown before he does more damage to California.

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  27. Marguerite
    Marguerite 23 October, 2011, 12:45


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  28. tom
    tom 16 November, 2011, 06:17

    I love the fact that now California is cutting programs for the poor, while Jerry Brown says it is ok for California taxpayers to pay for illegal aliens college tuition?? Illegal aliens get free college paid for by taxpayers, while citizens of the country and state get tuition hikes…Absolutley absurd!!!

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  29. Richard
    Richard 7 December, 2011, 19:17

    OK lets look at this the Governor wants to give our money to the Illegals to go to school, but then turns around and says to get our budget in order I need to raise sales taxes and raise payroll taxes on high income earners. This Governor needs to go. If anyone knows who are getting signatures to recall him e-mail me at [email protected]

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  30. Diane Follansbee
    Diane Follansbee 17 December, 2011, 19:04

    Lets start the New Year out in California with a recall of Governor Jerry Brown. This guy is going to bury California into the ground. He is cutting funds for education again, all the while making legal California citizens pay to give illegal aliens money for college. I go to department stores and see hispanics who don’t speak enlish pull out wads of $100.00 dollar bills out to buy many non essential items and I am supposed to pay for their college education. I don’t think so! Someone please email me with any info on where I can go sign a recall petition on Governor Brown. He needs to be thrown out of office!!! [email protected].

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  31. d gilb
    d gilb 31 December, 2011, 00:34

    i will sign it

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  32. d gilb
    d gilb 6 January, 2012, 15:15

    recall the no good traitor

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  33. John
    John 10 January, 2012, 09:37

    Go to and sign the petition

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  34. J
    J 3 August, 2015, 15:29

    When will california have a governor thats extremist for the actual people of california seems that every gov we get is more interested in idiotic ideas that benefit themselves but leave the people of california in the same state or worse than when they take office

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  35. milt
    milt 16 April, 2017, 18:38

    12 cent a gallon gas tax for his bullet train, making California a sanctuary state instead of working with the Federal Governments efforts to remove dangerous criminals and murderers who are illegal, etc, all of these things make California streets and residents more unsafe, for these and many other issues, he does not belong as governor of our state.

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