CA Also Should Split from Arnold

John Seiler:

Maria Shriver has split from ex-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger because she was tired of being treated badly and lied to, especially about his “love child.”

California also should split from his policies. Although he’s gone from office, his seven years of bad policies remain in place. The worst is his political “love child,” AB 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 that is destroying one million state jobs. No wonder state unemployment remains at 12 percent, much higher than the 9 percent national rate.

Yet the proof keeps coming in that global warming is a hoax.

Then there’s Arnold’s $13 billion of tax increases. Gov. Jerry Brown still wants to continue most of them.

It’s obvious California is suffering from “battered person syndrome.” According to Wikipedia:

The feeling of being both responsible for and helpless to stop the violence leads in turn to depression and passivity. This learned depression and passivity make it difficult for the abused partner to marshall the resources and support system needed to leave.

Sounds just like what California is going through with Arnold. California is “depressed” from his seven years of abuse and exhibits “passivity” at finding ways to get rid of his abusive policies.

May 18, 2011




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  1. Tylerle13
    Tylerle13 18 May, 2011, 10:39

    Way to narrow down the diagnosis John. I was just resigned to the fact that we are “Screwed”, but I guess “Battered Person Syndrome” is a more precise explanation of the mess we are in.

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  2. Sol
    Sol 18 May, 2011, 18:08

    John, you ought to read about Battered Citizen Syndrome in James Bovard’s Attention Deficit Democracy.

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