Arnold: Blame Oprah

John Seiler:

Now Arnold’s blaming Oprah for his marital problems. Reports

Yes, the disgraced former California governator now blames Oprah Winfrey for the dissolution of his marriage. He’s recently learned that it was the talk show powerhouse/media mogul who convinced her oldfriend Maria Shriver to summon the courage to walk out of the marriage.

“Arnold had totally believed he could convince Maria to stay with him, and that she wouldn’t have left without encouragement,” claims an inside source. “He thought the ‘leave the creep’ advice had come from Maria’s cousin/main family confidant, Robert Kennedy Jr., but a mutual friend says Maria confided it was Oprah she first unburdened her secret to – and Oprah told her to get out of Dodge! Now Arnold wants revenge on Oprah, and badly, for meddling in his family affairs.”

Of course, it was Arnold who cheated on his wife with the housekeeper, producing a “love child.” It was Arnold who lied about it and covered it up. Oprah didn’ t have anything to do with that.

But we should expect this kind of behavior from Arnold. After all, he did the same thing to California: He whispered sweet nothings in the state’s ear about how he would be ever faithful to his vows to “blow up the boxes” of wasteful bureaucracy, “cut up the credit” cards of state debt, “end the crazy deficit spending” and never, ever raise taxes.

Then he drove the state SUV to Vegas, maxed out the state credit card and blew the mortgage on gambling losses, then left California bruised and bleeding in a ditch while he returned to his native Austria to party down.

Some folks (like me) warned from the start that Arnold would betray the state. But you know how that goes. You warn the bride that her groom is a deadbeat loser, and she cries and says, “No he isn’t! I love him.”

As old Ben Franklin said, “Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other.”

June 27, 2011



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