Bureaucrats Destroy CA Homes

Bureaucrats Destroy CA Homes

John Seiler:

Property rights aren’t just for big companies, which can hire lawyers to defend themselves. Property rights are for the “little people” whom government easily can assault.

The L.A. Weekly produced a new video showing how L.A. County bureaucrats destroyed the property of decent, law-abiding citizens in the county’s desert areas.

After watching that, check out Steven Greenhut’s Independence Day reflection on our lost liberties.

July 2, 2011

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  1. Sol
    Sol 2 July, 2011, 12:39

    Lew Rockwell quotes the awesome Joe Sobran:

    “By today’s standards, King George III was a very mild tyrant indeed. He taxed his American colonists at a rate of only pennies per annum. His actual impact on their personal lives was trivial. He had arbitrary power over them in law and in principle, but in fact it was seldom exercised. If you compare his rule with that of today’s U.S. Government, you have to wonder why we celebrate our independence.”


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  2. SkippingDog
    SkippingDog 9 July, 2011, 21:11

    So, even when they built their property and water tank, etc., the people in this story didn’t bother to comply with the law that existed at the time – much less the zoning regulations currently in force.

    Having your property declared a public nuisance is a long and difficult process, so you can’t claim these people didn’t know the process was underway.

    This isn’t tyranny. It’s the rule of law and the enforcement mechanisms of such laws.

    Our founding fathers recognized the difference between unbridled license and personal liberty. It would be refreshing if CalWatchdog recognized such differences as well.

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