1,400 Workers in $200,000 Club

John Seiler:

How would you like to make $200,000 a year? Join the California government. State budget and deficit problems? Let somebody else worry about it.

Controller John Chiang just released the salary list for the state’s top moneybags. Names are not known for most of these positions, but ought to be. The worst:

* $836,706 for the state prison system’s top psychiatrist. It’s enough to drive the rest of us crazy.

* $777,423 for a prison doctor, according the L.A. Times’ list.

* $612,000 for the chief investment officer of the state pension system.

* $599,403 for a prison dentist.

* $585,360 for the chief of the workers’ comp insurance fund.

* $482,234 for the president of the stem-cell agency funded by Proposition 71, which gullible voters passed in 2004. It was supposed to find cures for all sorts of illnesses. It only has cured the pain in its functionaries’ pocketbooks.

Remember these massive payouts the next time Gov. Jerry “Jobs Killer” Brown and Democrats in the Legislature cry poor mouth and demand that taxes be increased.

These fat cat functionaries will be getting pensions above $200,000 as well.

The government is living high off the hog. The people of California are taxed to death and forced to live like pigs in pens.

July 6, 2011



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