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CA firefighter makes $508,893

The problem of absurdly high compensation for government workers in California never seems to get better. The latest from the Orange County Register’s Watchdog: Several California firefighters managed to triple their base salaries by working tons of overtime last year,

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Behind push against truancy/absenteeism: unions’ money hunt

What is by far the single most important factor in how California government functions? I stand by my theory that I wrote up last year for Cal Watchdog: Like Neo figuring out how life was coded to work in “The

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Controller Chiang’s payroll website earning praise for openness, transparency

Federal officials continue to reshuffle the management of Healthcare.gov, with Kurt DelBene, a former president of the Microsoft Office Division, tapped as the new point person for the troubled Obamacare website. If DelBene fails to deliver, President Obama should call California State Controller

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Bloomberg News breaks new ground on state’s dysfunction 4

Dec. 12, 2012 By Chris Reed There are so many killer facts in the Bloomberg News story from Tuesday on how California went to hell that I barely know where to start. So many have never been exposed by the

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PRI Study: California public-sector compensation soaring 45

Analysis Dec. 7, 2012 By John Seiler A new study by the Pacific Research Institute shows that compensation for the public sector in California is soaring far above that of the private sector. PRI is CalWatchDog.com’s parent think tank. For

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1,400 Workers in $200,000 Club 0

John Seiler: How would you like to make $200,000 a year? Join the California government. State budget and deficit problems? Let somebody else worry about it. Controller John Chiang just released the salary list for the state’s top moneybags. Names

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