Gays Make History In California

Katy Grimes:

Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown signed a strange new bill into law yesterday requiring public schools in California to teach students about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans, beginning January 1, 2011.

California public school textbooks will be required to to be rewritten to include the contributions gay Americans have made in history. However, the state is broke, so writing and printing new textbooks will have to wait until 2015. But that won’t stop many teacher-activists.

“This bill revises existing laws that prohibit discrimination in education and ensures that the important contributions of Americans from all backgrounds and walks of life are included in our history books,” Brown said in a statement yesterday about SB48, introduced by state Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco.

Unless the state has rewritten history since I was last in school, the important contributions of Americans from all backgrounds and walks of life are already included in our history books. We just don’t teach children about the sex lives of our founding fathers, or presidents, or military heroes or famous suffragettes.

“History should reflect significant issues and events, and the people responsible for them,” said my dad, a retired history teacher.

But liberals want history taught their way. They want history to reflect them instead of teaching solely about the events and issues, and periods in time.

It is trivial and ridiculous to go back in history and demonize or lionize decisions by people. It would be just as absurd to condemn Christopher Columbus today for owning slaves. In the 15th Century, slave ownership was widely practiced and accepted.

Martin Luther King’s sex life, whether gay or straight, should not ever be more important or even significant. He was a prominent leader of the civil rights movement in America. That is what he accomplished. His personal life and personal choices were his to live with and deal with.

But once again, in a weirdly obsessive quest to be the first state in the nation to do something avant garde, California’s lawmakers and governor opted for publicity instead of substance.

Breaking down the demographics of the figures in history has little relevance to the events.

The discovery of America by Columbus had nothing to do with whether he was a gay or straight man, or had a stable of mistresses on board the Nina, the Pinta or the Santa Maria.

A teaching of social history should recognize the increase of gay rights and changes in society. However, singling out gays’ accomplishments over other important historical figures is what this law will do — and in doing so, trivialize all people who have made history. It also makes a mockery of California’s public education system.

JULY 15, 2011


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  1. ExPFCWintergreen
    ExPFCWintergreen 15 July, 2011, 18:15

    If I had a child in the public school cesspool I would refuse to seat him or her in any class in which this garbage was taught, and would be happy to go to court to vindicate the right to exclude my child from this ideological bullcrap

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  2. David
    David 16 July, 2011, 00:10

    This is a good law that simply requires that the truth be told about historical figures who were gay, instead of the previous practice of noting the heterosexual marriages of historical figures, while remaining silent about others. Seems fair and right to me.

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  3. Nate
    Nate 16 July, 2011, 09:23

    This makes me scared to send my children to public schools. From this, the cat tax, internet sales tax, to a educational video to teach kids that the government is here to “help us.” What ever happen to personal responsability?

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  4. stevefromsacto
    stevefromsacto 16 July, 2011, 11:31

    “Breaking down the demographics of the figures in history has little relevance to the events.”

    C’mon Katy, who was it that marginalized, stigmatized and categorized gay and lesbian Americans as everything from different to deviant? Are you saying it’s OK to identify them negatively, but not positively? Would it be OK for history books to mention the assassination of Harvey Milk or Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell while saying nothing about the reasons why?

    And I’m sorry that exPFCWintergreen is so repulsed by such “ideological bullcrap” like “All men are created equal.” For the sake of our country, thank God he’s an ex PFC.

    Straight, but certainly not narrow.

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  5. David from Oceanside
    David from Oceanside 17 July, 2011, 07:24

    Gay’s are a natural constituency for conservatives, as they are among the most successful. Gays naturally are very sensitive to civil liberties as should be all conservatives. Yet social conservatives do their best to push gays out of their natural voting block, conservatism.

    It seems many social conservatives care more about imposing their values on the unwilling than providing an environment where peaceful self expression is tolerated.

    This laws distaste is not the topic of homosexuality, but rather that once again politicians in Sacramento are dictating classroom issues. Education should be privatised to keep these bumbling fools away from our children. Educational scope should be expanded to meet the needs of children as directed by their parents and not politicians, teacher unions and the education establishment.

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  6. Sol
    Sol 17 July, 2011, 18:22

    I also heard the kiddies must be taught about prominent transgenders.

    Well, what if they can’t find enough prominent transgenders? Will they substitute prominent transvestites?

    To tell the truth, I think this new law is wonderful.

    Now maybe there will be more enthusiasm about breaking up the state or ending the government monopoly on education.

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  7. CalWatchdog
    CalWatchdog Author 18 July, 2011, 10:57

    Steve from Sacramento:

    School children are taught California history in fourth grade, and U.S. History in the fifth, eighth and 11 grades.

    That’s it.

    When is the detailed history of San Francisco supposed to be taught? Or other city histories? What about all of the other people in the country who have been assassinated for political reasons?

    You only know about Harvey Milk because he was canonized by the media because he was gay. Were his contributions more important to San Francisco than Mayor George Moscone’s, who was also murdered on the same day, by the same killer?

    And how does this effect early California history?

    This new law is pure agenda politics, indoctrination, and a rewriting of history.

    – Katy

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  8. Melissa
    Melissa 18 July, 2011, 22:35

    Spot on. Good job Katy.

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  9. The DA
    The DA 19 July, 2011, 11:59

    The same people who have brought California to it’s knees with their insane financial shenanigans can’t wait to do the same to every other area they can get their hands on. This state is an Orwellian nightmare. Our worst enemies could not have done a better job. We have become so inured to state sponsored imbecility that it is now accepted as a matter of course.

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  10. Jim
    Jim 19 July, 2011, 16:38

    Thank You Katy from CalWatchDog…..I agree with you 100 percent on this one.

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  11. Ron Kilmartin
    Ron Kilmartin 19 July, 2011, 18:44

    Pure evil. It must be overturned.

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  12. Mary Kay B.
    Mary Kay B. 20 July, 2011, 00:56

    While touring our capitol in Sacramento last April with a small group of high schoolers, I was struck once again by the handsome portraits of previous Governors. With one exception, Jerry Brown. His is a wild modern oil painting with a not too happy face on. Out of place, disheveled, lost. It is relevant now as it was when first painted.
    Hello Jerry, the Roman Empire fell for a reason. Is this what you wish for, for California?
    My children will not have anyones curriculum crammed down their throats. I will pull them from their public school and transfer to a private school or homeschool. What will the school districts do if I’m not the only one?

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