Hooray: RDA Jobs Going Away

Steven Greenhut: During recent discussions about jobs, Democrats in particular act as if creating government jobs is a good thing, without considering that all government jobs come by diverting funds from the private sector, which is where real job-growth comes from. The more government spends, the less money there is in the economy and the worse things become, as productive people give up more of their cash to pay for those who sap resources. We need some government and some government employees obviously, but much of what government does is negative. Many agencies should not exist. The loss of certain government jobs — those that do not provide fundamental governmental services — should be celebrated, especially if those jobs are lost because of a shut-down of abusive and wasteful agencies.

So despite the weeping and gnashing of teeth in some quarters, we should be relieved that most redevelopment officials will soon be out of work. Redevelopment is a process where government bureaucrats abuse eminent domain against property owners to benefit politically well-connected developers. RDA officials are some of the worst people I’ve ever met as I’ve watched them heartlessly drive people off of their businesses and out of their homes, oftentimes offering them pennies on the dollar for their property and subjecting them to legal nightmares. RDA officials run up debt that citizens are on the hook to pay for. They distort land-use policies in cities and do myriad bad things. So it’s great news if most of them soon end up unemployed thanks to the ending of redevelopment agencies, as upheld by the state Supreme Court.

Here is a typical news story about job losses. I wish all former RDA officials much success in finding new, lucrative employment in the private sector, where they will have to deal with other people from a position of mutual agreement rather than one where they exert force over others.

JAN. 10, 2012

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  1. Beelzebub
    Beelzebub 10 January, 2012, 14:02

    Hooray – now the $1.7B in RDA funds are diverted over to backstop the cop and teacher pensions.

    Sure, it may stop local abuse. But, again, you are just transferring the money from Dracula to Frankenstein.

    IMO the public unions are a much bigger threat to our society than the RDA could ever be.

    No victory IMO.

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  2. Keep da Peace
    Keep da Peace 10 January, 2012, 14:40

    At least cops and teachers provide a service to the community. RDAs never did anything but make consultants rich.

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  3. queeg
    queeg 10 January, 2012, 14:49

    Overpaid cops,teachers, prison guards and fireman…..overpaid the operative word..

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  4. Brad
    Brad 12 January, 2012, 15:32

    Your chosen title “Hooray: RDA jobs going away,” clearly demonstrates that you have absolutely ZERO credibility remaining! And contrary to the nonsense that you continuously claim about the evils of redevelopment agencies, unlike cops, fire Frauds and teachers, redevelopment agencies bring in billions and billions of dollars of new real property taxes into communities without raising a tax on anyone. And again contrary to your overly dramatized “mom and pop lost their business” scenario that you reference, the majority of property/business owners affected by redevelopment efforts come away significantly better off financially than before redevelopment. And perhaps more importantly, the community as a whole benefits significantly from the additional tax revenue generated. And it bears mentioning again, without a tax raised on anyone!

    You continue to reference redevelopment projects that have failed. Obviously there is going to be some degree of failures in every type of business, particularly ventures involving real estate development. However, regardless of what you so incredulously write, the great majority of redevelopment projects all over the U. S. have had dramatic and significantly positive effects to the neighborhoods in which they were developed. Additionally, all new (additional) tax monies generated by redevelopment projects are re-invested (by law) back into the same neighborhood that it was originated from for the remaining term of the redevelopment area. In other words, the tax money stays (and benefits) the neighborhoods where it was created.

    So, while the rest of the U. S. is busy gearing up their redevelopment efforts to help generate the maximum amount of new tax revenues possible, to create the most new jobs and generate new economic activity, (without raising taxes on anyone); the State of California is busy abolishing potentially the most significant tax generating mechanism available to the state. Why isn’t anyone outside the State of California really surprised by this?

    With respect to your inappropriate comments relative to redevelopment practitioners losing their jobs, there are typically a couple of constants relative to the redevelopment practitioners (not the politicians) that I’ve dealt with over the years, their credibility and their accountability to the communities that they choose to serve. Two admirable human traits that will surely never be accompanying any sentence containing the name Steven Greenhut.

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