DA Slams Spitzer’s ‘Misuse’ Of Title

Steven Greenhut: The Orange County District Attorney’s Office has sent former Assemblyman Todd Spitzer a scathing letter demanding that he correct a press release he sent out claiming to be assistant district attorney. Spitzer is running for Orange County supervisor. DA Chief of Staff Susan Kang Schroeder wrote:

“I am in receipt of the attached press release you sent out today. You identify yourself as ‘WHO: Assistant District Attorney … .’

“As you are aware, you were fired from the Orange County District Attorney’s Office (OCDA) in August 2010, after 18 months with the Office. Among many reasons, you were fired for misusing your title and position in many incidents.

“You were fired for campaigning for office in violation of OCDA policy, exploiting crime victims by referring legal cases involving crime victims to a personal friend and potential political contributor, divulging confidential information obtained through your position at the OCDA to the public, misusing your position as a prosecutor by falsely representing to another department that the OCDA was conducting an investigation, giving inappropriate gifts to court staff showing a lack of understanding on appearance of impropriety, and many other significant reasons.”

Ouch. We’ll see what Spitzer, a close ally of the public sector unions, says in return.

JAN. 23, 2011



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  1. Claire.Voyance
    Claire.Voyance 23 January, 2012, 13:29

    Where are the State Bar investigators? Those allegations are very serious.

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  2. Beelzebub
    Beelzebub 23 January, 2012, 15:00

    So are we supposed to decide who is lying, TS or the OCDA???

    Heh. Sorry. Not biting.

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  3. Anthony Kuo, Spitzer OC Campaign Manager
    Anthony Kuo, Spitzer OC Campaign Manager 24 January, 2012, 13:57

    On Friday, January 20, 2012, the Spitzer for Supervisor campaign consultant, Gilliard-Blanning, issued a press advisory relating to Mr. Spitzer’s participation in a candidate forum to be held on January 23, 2012. When Mr. Spitzer received it, he immediately directed that his former occupation be corrected from “Assistant District Attorney” to “Former Assistant District Attorney.” A correction was immediately issued within minutes and sent to the exact same distribution list. It is unfortunate that the District Attorney was not fully informed about the immediate correction before issuing an inappropriate reprimand. We urge the District Attorney to pick up the phone instead of creating misinformed campaign issues, especially when it is now clear that its source of information is not reliable and desperate to drag others into a failed campaign.

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  4. Beelzebub
    Beelzebub 24 January, 2012, 15:58

    Mr. Kuo,

    What about the other claims made about Mr. Spitzer by Kang-Schroeder???

    Those are some pretty nasty allegations.

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  5. Freedom Works
    Freedom Works 24 January, 2012, 21:05

    I wish Spitzer would take his act out of Orange County and California for that matter.

    Your coverage of him through the years has revealed a politician not for the people, but for only himself and those deep pockets that support him.

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  6. Anthony Kuo, Spitzer OC Campaign Manager
    Anthony Kuo, Spitzer OC Campaign Manager 25 January, 2012, 09:11


    You can read about the scandal today in the Voice of OC about John Williams, the former Public Guardian, and Peggy Buff, the former Assistant Public Guardian, who were fired from that office (Buff was demoted and shipped to another County Department after she was caught in a management position with increased pension benefits and a county vehicle at taxpayer expense).

    Kang’s arguments are old news. She admitted to the Voice of OC that she assisted in the orchestration of a William’s press release when he was involved in the cover-up after she initially told reporters she had nothing to do with it. Buff, by the way, at that time just happened to be the fiance of the District Attorney.

    We expect a lot of shenanigans from Kang during this campaign who is struggling to hold on to her power off after the Mike Carona scandal. It is old news and has been completely rebutted by the press showing that Williams was fired by the Board of Supervisors and in Buff’s case, demoted.

    Spitzer, then an Assistant DA, was let go because the DA’s Office (through Kang)was involved in a cover-up of corruption by William’s taking over deceased person’s estates (the TAPOUT case) in order to get the court administrative fees so he could off-set his budget losses from bloated salaries and pension spiking.

    Spitzer has an unblemished reputation of uncovering and stopping corruption at all levels of government which is why Kang is so set-out on stopping Spitzer. Spitzer stopped the Brea-Olinda grade scandal as a school board trustee; took on Governor Schwarzenegger and got water dropping helicoptors deployed when the Cal Fire said there were none available for Orange County; exposed the County Housing and Rehabilitation Program corruption as a County Supervisor; and exposed Cal Trans holding of unneeded parcels and exposed the California Department of Corrections for failing to monitor parolees while a state legislator.

    Spitzer is a watch-dog, plain and simple and has proved it time and time again.

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  7. Beelzebub
    Beelzebub 25 January, 2012, 11:02

    Thanks for the response and update, Mr. Kuo.

    I doubt that the public will ever learn all the facts about the fallout between Spitzer and the OCDA. To this day I remain neutral. I trust neither.

    I agree with you about Buff who was reported to be the fiance of DA Rackauhaus. How did she rise to become the Assistant Public Administrator/Guardian in the first place under Williams earning well above $100k with an AA degree and a reported prior work history of being a dental assistant and a lifeguard? And then after getting ousted as the Assistant PA/G the CURRENT board of supes unfroze the $95k salaried volunteer coordinator job specificially for Buff (an at-will employee)without announcing the job to the general public or allowing open competition for the position. IMO none of that passes the stink test. I question whether it is even legal for the County to unfreeze a job during a hiring lockdown and literally hand it to an ‘at-will’ employee who was removed from another County office without letting the general public compete for it. If there’s no law against that practice there certainly should be.

    Due to his ‘yea’ vote on the 3%@50 pension formula for public safety Spitzer would never get my vote for public office. But it’s not fair to jump all over Spitzer without trashing the rest of them. Supervisors Pat Bates and Bill Campbell were serving in the CA Assembly in 1999 when SB 400 was approved opening up the floodgate doors for cities and counties throughout California to approve the 3%@50 formula. Both Campbell and Bates voted ‘yea’ for the pension spike. Yet I never hear the ones who trash Spitzer bring it up when Campbell or Bates run for office. And what about Assemblyman Jim Silva who also voted to approve the 3%@50 when he sat on the board of supes with Spitzer? He deserves equal scorn.

    Good luck to you as Campaign Manager. No easy job there.

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  8. Anthony Kuo, Spitzer OC Campaign Manager
    Anthony Kuo, Spitzer OC Campaign Manager 25 January, 2012, 12:10


    In fact, 167 Orange County elected officials in nearly every OC City voted for 3% at 50 between 200 and 2006. None of the 12 OC Sheriff patrolled contract city councils objected to 3% at 50 (12 contract cities).

    Reed Royalty, of OC Tax, recently released this statement: “In 2001, OCERS’s (Orange County Retirement System)actuarial studies inaccurately made the system appear to be 104% funded. Elected officials relied on that information when they granted public employee pensions.”

    Spitzer is leading the charge to fix the system. Spitzer has contributed $5,000 to qualify the “Stop Special Interests Now” Initiative, has led the charge for pension reform as a member of the Association of California Cities, OC Pension Reform Task Force and is supporting 401(k) style plans for all county employees.

    No one–including Spitzer’s opponent–voiced any objection to 3% at 50 when it was agendized on December 4, 2001. OCERS actuarial was published a year before that on November 2, 2000 and no one objected to its findings during that entire year.

    You are correct; there is plenty of blame to go around. Spitzer has not run from the issue and is committed to providing leadership and solutions.

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  9. Beelzebub
    Beelzebub 25 January, 2012, 14:12

    “Reed Royalty, of OC Tax, recently released this statement: “In 2001, OCERS’s (Orange County Retirement System)actuarial studies inaccurately made the system appear to be 104% funded. Elected officials relied on that information when they granted public employee pensions.”

    I know Royalty is stumping for Spitzer. He and his so-called OC Taxpayer’s Association supported Proposition 1A back in May 2009 that would have extended our sales, vehicle and other various taxes for 2 years. So I don’t trust him or his organization any farther than I could throw them. How can you call yourself an advocate for the taxpayer and support a tax extension in the same breath?

    No excuses or fingerpointing accepted. Spitzer supported paying street cops with a GED as their entry education standard as much if not more than family practice medical doctors and letting them retire as early as 50 with full pay or nearly full pay for the rest of their natural lives. He and the others made a HUGE mistake that put the entire state underwater. That is totally unforgiveable. None of them, to include Spitzer, would ever get my vote.

    Spitzer might market himself as a ‘watchdog’ when he runs for office. I don’t buy it.

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  10. Freedom Works
    Freedom Works 25 January, 2012, 20:41

    3% at 50 he voted for and supported with all the unions standing right behind him. You can’t spin it any other way. The “watch-dog” acts described are petty compared to the billions he voted for and is costing taxpayers dearly. “Grade corruption?” Are you kidding? Show some real pension reform plans and we may think differently. Government workers retiring at 50 with the best benefits in the world, double dipping, huge final year salaries, etc is just not fair and is not what a free society looks like.

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  11. Rex The Wonder Dog!
    Rex The Wonder Dog! 29 January, 2012, 01:33

    Newsflash-the state and every muni in it are broke- the Brown Sales/pension tax is going to fail, just as the “temporary taxes” Arnold tried to scam failed, just like the sales tax San Diego tried to get failed.

    The raising of the sales tax, under the bogus “temporary taxes” scam will not work anymore-we ALL know there is no such thing as a 5 year “temporary tax”, it would be 7 if Arnolds tax scam passed. The “temporary bridge tolls” on the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges-started in 1936 and 1937 are still here today, 75 years later-that is one hell of along “temporary tax”.

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  12. Anthony Kuo, Spitzer OC Campaign Manager
    Anthony Kuo, Spitzer OC Campaign Manager 30 January, 2012, 20:34

    John Williams lost in court today; denied access and his job to the Public Guardian’s Office. Less we recall that Susan Kang Schroeder, the DA’s COS, coordinated a press release about Spitzer when it fact she was dispatched to assist the cover-up about Williams and DA Rackauckas’ then-girlfriend, Peggy Buff, who was second in command of the scandalized PG’s Office. Oh the web that they weave!

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