‘Fem Dems’ Seeking Applicants

Katy Grimes: The “Fem Dems of Sacramento, a feminist political organization, are sponsoring the “2012 Fem Dems Candidate Boot Camp this weekend in Sacramento, for like minded candidates running or thinking of running for office.” The boot camp will teach candidates the “ins and outs of running a campaign.”

But Democrats only, please. Apparently the Fem Dems don’t want any Fem Reps, Fem Mods, Fem Greens, or Fem Libs (Libertarian, of course).

The website states that the “Mission of the Fem Dems is to promote the feminist principles of equality, diversity and inclusiveness. We will fight disenfranchisement both within the Democratic Party and the community at large.”

This will be done by promoting involvement by feminists in the Democratic Party; actively working to elect candidates who share a feminist agenda.”

What Is The Feminist Agenda In 2012?

Most feminist websites spew the same drivel about equal pay, pro-choice, equal rights, the right to vote… Oh wait. Women already have equal rights, equal pay, and the right to vote.

One feminist website summed up the feminist agenda and mission the best:

” Our AIMS are:

— to provide another avenue for protest and resistance;

— to offer courses and events aimed at the development of a new world order based on feminist principles;

— to draw attention to conferences, books, papers and articles supportive of a feminist agenda;

— to encourage networking and the forming of new alliances in a world where women are being increasingly isolated; and

— to highlight opportunities for activism around the world.

That pretty much proves that feminist groups are filled with radicals seeking ways to funding through government programs.


While the National Organization For Women is largely silent on the atrocities taking place in the rest of the world, they lists specific feminist issues important to radical American women:

Abortion and Reproductive Rights, Economic JusticeEnding Sex DiscriminationLesbian Rights, Promoting Diversity & Ending RacismStopping Violence Against Women

…and don’t forget all of the other important feminist areas in which candidates running for public office can make a difference: Affirmative Action, Disability Rights, Family and Family Law, Fighting the Right, Global Feminism, Immigration, Judicial Nominations, Legislation, Marriage Equality, Media Activism, Mothers/Caregivers Economic Rights, Working for Peace,  Supreme Court, Title IX/Education, Welfare,  Women in the Military, Young Feminist Programs, and a Women-Friendly Workplace – which just sounds unfriendly.

Where exactly do women’s rights fit into the overly broad agenda?  Women still get married, have babies, have jobs and careers, and women have the right to not get married or have babies.

Feminist Movement Hijacked

Even Betty Friedan, author of The Feminist Mystique, and one of the founders of the modern feminist movement, criticized “gender feminists” for stealing the entire women’s feminist movement, which had been about seeking equal rights for women.

Friedan was critical that the gender feminists took on far left wing ideologies, and made lesbian and transgender advocacy one of its primary issues.

She was right – the feminist movement was taken over by more politically radical women, and pushed the movement to left wing causes. Maybe because the issues with the old movement were dwindling, and the problems had been largely solved.

Today, groups like the Fem Dems seek like-minded activist women to push into political offices. Then they get to lobby these women politicians.

Democratic Lieutenant Gov. Gavin Newsom’s wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, made a movie called “Miss Representation,” an independent film designed to convince women that the media is run by men who have no appreciation of women as intellectuals, and want to oppress them.

“If what gets put out there is determined by men, then we’re not going to make any progress,” Jane Fonda said in the movie. Fonda is a very successful Hollywood actress, who doesn’t appear to have been suppressed or oppressed in any way by men.

“If the media is derogatory to the most powerful women in the country, what does that say about the rest of the women?” asked a women in the movie.

The film seems to be wildly popular on college campuses with mush-head students and radical college professors.

A special screening of Miss Representation was sponsored by the California Legislative Women’s Caucus  and the California Commission on the Status of Women, both publicly funded groups.

The California Commission on the Status of Women, along with Fem Dems are a total sham, other than as funding arms of the Democratic Party. There is much evidence available that equality for women is no longer an issue, and the equal pay gap was closed years ago.

Whether the weak issue is the gender pay gap, or marriage equality, feminists continue to use women as props to keep a dying movement alive for the next cause célèbre.

MAR. 2, 2012

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