Scott Baugh Joins GOP Hypocrites

Steven Greenhut: Orange County Republican Party Chairman Scott Baugh has gained much well-deserved publicity for his “Manifesto” declaring that the party will not support candidates who take union support. But Baugh has turned his back on his manifesto, as epitomized by his headlining role at a fund-raiser for Orange County supervisorial candidate Todd Spitzer, the former assemblyman and supervisor who is so closely aligned with the public sector unions, especially police and fire, that it’s fair to say that Spitzer represented them more so than the general public. I always referred to him as Assemblyman Todd Spitzer, R-Unions, rather than R-Orange, as is customary.

Spitzer tripped all over himself to offer the retroactive “3 percent at 50” retirement boost for public employees, and he defended that all the way up to the point that it started to hurt his career. Now he claims to have seen the light, but as soon as the pendulum swings in the other direction, you know where the union mouthpiece Spitzer will be. I talked to Baugh, who said that Spitzer has complied fully with his manifesto by refusing to take union money. But Spitzer has built a career on union money. Baugh’s distinction is a mere technicality given that Spitzer has spent his entire career doing the bidding of the unions. To trust him now is ridiculous. It makes a mockery of everything Baugh claims to stand for. If Barack Obama distanced himself from his health-care plan during the campaign as a way to mute criticism, I assume that would be good enough for Baugh and Co. also.

No doubt, Baugh’s action is as much a slap in the face of the highly flawed candidate running against him — Deborah Pauly, who has been vocal in her criticism of Baugh. Pauly’s vile comments here are another reason one might reasonably not want to support her. And a lot of blame lies with former Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, who moved to Texas in the middle of the race. He needed a job. Fine, but it is really wrong to enter a political race without seeing it through to the end given that his entry chased out other good candidates.

Pauly has little chance of winning, which no doubt explains why the entire Republican establishment is lining up behind the sure winner, Spitzer. But what does that say about principle? Spitzer stands against many things Republicans claim to stand for. He is an advocate of big government,  a friend of unions, a supporter of the most irresponsible fiscal policies and a shameless publicity hound at that. As a libertarian, I find his use of the most egregious law-and-order language to be offensive.

I guess it’s just politics as usual.

MARCH 23, 2012




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  1. Nick Wilson
    Nick Wilson 23 March, 2012, 16:59

    While I share your obvious distrust for Todd Spitzer, you couldn’t be more wrong about Deborah Pauly, and the event in Yorba Linda. Coucilwoman Pauly was speaking at the event alongside many others, including congressman Ed Royce. Both of these brave Americans stand by their involvement in this event, and you can read Congressman Royce’s thoughts about it here.

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  2. Deborah Pauly
    Deborah Pauly 23 March, 2012, 18:01

    Greenhut says I’m flawed, which is true. But I have principles, genuine integrity and a firm grip on conservative policy.

    I value honesty, integrity, forthrightness, hard work, personal responsibility, humility, equitable application of our laws, responsible use of taxpayer dollars, limiting government intrusion, and, above all else, transparency in government.

    During my tenure as a councilwoman, I have successfully ensured the city’s business was always conducted with these core values. I’ve ruffled a few feathers in that pursuit; it’s the price of taking a strong stand consistent with those core values. I’ll continue standing up for the greater good as a representative on the Board of Supervisors.

    As Chuck Devore wrote before leaving for Texas: “Deborah Pauly has the courage to fight for taxpayers as a member of the Orange County Board of Supervisors, even in the face of pressure from powerful special interests.”

    I’m very conservative both fiscally and socially. There is no way around that and I’m not going to try to be something I’m not. I believe many of society’s ills can be directly traced to the eroding of our social fiber. That has been – not just allowed – but promoted by a liberal-progressive policy that labels people as bigots or haters for having standards for what is right and good in society. It is OK to define the difference between right and wrong; good and evil; truth and lies. It takes an attorney to parse the meaning of the word “is” (a la Clinton) to suit his own excuse-laden agenda. I’m not an attorney, so I have a really simplistic, straight-forward approach.

    Local business owner and constituent Marty Shubin wrote, “I find Deborah Pauly a breath-of-fresh-air in a political environment dominated by ‘politicians’ who lack fundamental values and offer very little substance! Ms. Pauly is clearly a person of conviction and a true representative of the people who elected her to office. She says what she means and means what she says, a defining characteristic foreign to many elected representatives. Her truth and honesty in speech provides meaningful opportunity to understand exactly where she stands; even though her views may not be popular to political moderates and liberals. I respect that she is both honest and straightforward, especially in a profession that generally avoids being forthright.

    “Councilwoman Pauly provides meaningful leadership on the challenging issues facing our community, state and nation. As a homeowner in Villa Park and a limited government advocate I find it refreshing that she is a strong advocate of private property rights.

    “The country needs more honest, transparent political representatives like Deborah Pauly.”

    As a member of Villa Park’s City Council, I have worked diligently to protect the residents, improve the quality of life, and minimize government overreach. As citizens, we need to reassert the principle that elected officials should serve the greater public good and not selfish personal interests. That is why I am asking for your vote in the race for Supervisor.

    I pledge to work with my colleagues to keep public safety a number one priority. Fiscal accountability, pension reform and complete transparency will be high on my agenda. Orange County needs to operate on a sound, realistic budget and not saddle future generations with increased taxation or debt. I support less spending, less taxation, and less regulation. I support a better business environment, more freedom and more private-sector job opportunities.

    I pledge to serve only the taxpayers and residents of the third district and not special interests or employee unions.

    The taxpayers and residents of the third district will be my boss. I consider that a sacred trust.

    Yes, I’m flawed, but my priorities are straight. Visit

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  3. Allan Bartlett
    Allan Bartlett 23 March, 2012, 19:59


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  4. Rogue Elephant
    Rogue Elephant 23 March, 2012, 20:50


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  5. CalWatchdog
    CalWatchdog Author 23 March, 2012, 22:17

    Manifesto schmanifesto.

    All these guys are just jockeying for posts in the Romney Regime.

    Todd will become undersecretary for medical tobacco abolition enforcement in North Dakota for the Department of Homeland Security.

    Scott will become under-undersecretary of trilingual learning in South Dakota in the Department of Education.

    — John Seiler

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  6. queeg
    queeg 24 March, 2012, 07:43

    All sucking parasites…

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  7. Such potential, but too afraid of being hated
    Such potential, but too afraid of being hated 24 March, 2012, 09:43

    Todd Spitzer always seems to be the legislator who comes close to being a Profile in Courage, but backs away when things get too hot.

    For example, Spitzer abstained in the 3-0-2 vote of the Orange County Board of Supervisors in 2000 to require county contractors to sign a Project Labor Agreement with construction labor unions for the following six years. How about voting NO? Perhaps he didn’t want to attract the enmity of powerful union bosses at that stage of his political career.

    Here’s an example of when Spitzer came close to being a statesman: in 2004, he authored Assembly Bill 2714, which would have repealed the Legislative Open Records Act and made the Legislature subject to the Public Records Act.

    Spitzer couldn’t get anyone on the committee to make a motion for a vote on the bill. I wish he had more aggressively made an issue of this, even at the expense of being punished by the Democrat and Republican caucuses. Mr. Spitzer, you passed on an opportunity to become a champion of the people.

    Mr. Spitzer, fight for what is right, even if it risks the end of your political career and the loss of all your “friends” in politics. You have such potential. Turn away from the relentless quest for popularity and make that leap into the unknown of doing what is right.

    Assembly Bill 2714 (2004) – Todd Spitzer, author

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  8. beelzebub
    beelzebub 25 March, 2012, 11:27

    During the time that the feds were investigating ex-Sheriff Carona and going for the indictment Spitzer appeared before the Board of Supes in OC and starting spouting ‘prosecutorial misconduct’ from his blowhole while waving around the book about the Duke Lacrosse case in the air. During his political career nothing pissed me off more than that.

    For that reason alone I would never ever vote for Todd Spitzer – not even to run the dog pound.

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  9. JustVoteNo
    JustVoteNo 30 March, 2012, 20:22

    I think I went deaf tone at the “grip on conservative policy” part. Corruptocrats will never get it. We are so, so turned off by the blue or red, right or left, conservative or liberal manifesto’s. Fact is it doesn’t matter which you happen to be, politics today is nothing but corrupted. It’s members have literally warped our democracy beyond recognition. It is nothing more then a “pay to play” corporatocracy no matter the cause.

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  10. It's hard to be a republicrat these days....
    It's hard to be a republicrat these days.... 13 April, 2012, 11:34

    “Spitzer stands against many things Republicans claim to stand for. He is an advocate of big government, a friend of unions, a supporter of the most irresponsible fiscal policies and a shameless publicity hound at that.”

    Sounds to me that Spitzer fits right into the big government, big spending, and statist mentality and behavior of most of the Republicans and Democrats in Orange County and California. They are all in it for the money and power and not the people. The false left/right paradigm reigns. Throw all the bums out and start from scratch.

    The republicrats would not truly follow the Constitution of the United States nor the California Constitution if were slapped upside their corrupt little heads.

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  11. Sovereign Soul
    Sovereign Soul 13 April, 2012, 13:56

    Responding to #11 — YES, it IS hard to be a Republican! The Republican Party has long since abandoned ALL pretexts of allowing the democratic PROCESS to interject ANY OTHER than THE “establishmnt’s” designated candidate. Do you hear ANYTHING about the number of Republicans — as well ad Democrats and independents who have attended and support the REPUBLICAN Canndidate Congressman RON PAUL? In the last few weeks Ron Paul filled stadiums to capacity! Hundreds were turned away — yet NOT ONE WORD in recognition by either the press OR the Republican Party. Ron Paul — AND ANYONE WHO SUPPORTS him are immediately blacklisted by the Repubolican party apparatchicks — from the precidct level sstraight up to the RNC! Corruption IS endemic at ALL levels. The “establishment” silences ALL dissent or suggested alternatives.

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