Campaign 2012 war on women

April 12, 2012

By Katy Grimes

Since when is being a stay-at-home-mom considered one of the many modern crimes against women? Since the progressive left decided the latest campaign strategy would be to wage war on conservative women.

Don’t let anyone convince you that there is really a war on women, as the Obama administration and liberal media keep telling us. This latest campaign ploy is just another progressive left deflection in a campaign cycle against an incumbent President who can’t and won’t run on his record.

This ambush on women appears to be backfiring.

Ambush 2012

The latest liberal ambush is by Democratic strategist and Obama adviser, Hilary Rosen, who said yesterday that Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s wife Ann shouldn’t be talking about women and the economy because she “never actually worked a day in her life.”

Rosen, an elite adviser to Democrats, LGBT activist, and frequent visitor to the White House, attacked Ann Romney for the most heinous of crimes against women–being a stay at home mother of five children. According to Rosen, being a stay-at-home mother of five children is not real work. Somehow, the five Romney children magically raised themselves.

This is how progressives make personal attacks. Conservative women don’t care whether other women choose to stay at home, or work. Progressives appear obsessed with the choices conservative women make. But these self-proclaimed feminists are charlatans–wasn’t the feminist movement about providing more choices to women?

Rosen isn’t exactly the Norman Rockwell picture of a traditional woman either; she is a single, openly gay woman, and a working mother of adopted twins. While Rosen is apparently highly critical of what has historically been the traditional American family structure, she couldn’t just leave it at that and live her choices. Rosen tried to make her perspective on marriage, work and parenting, the new and better American norm.

That’s a very insecure thing to do, and why liberals and progressives must continually legislate lifestyle, instead of just living their choices.

I assume that since Rosen works, she pays someone to care for her children. And I am sure that she took a great deal of time choosing her childrens’ caregivers.

So did the Romney’s, and they decided that Ann Romeny was the best qualified caregiver for the Romney kids.

It’s Not About Money

I know lots of moms who stay at home to care for their children. And I know that many of the families who do this struggle financially. But it’s a choice they are free to make, and obviously feel strongly about.

If Hilary Rosen is willing to pay for someone to care for her children, then her statement yesterday about Ann Romney is just cheap and loathsome.

Is there a war on women?

The answer is easy – what are American women not allowed to do?

The women’s rights movement was not just about equality, it was about offering women choices and opportunity. For the last several decades, women have not only not denied anything, they’ve been given special government protections against discrimination in any setting.

Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good deflection

The interesting thing is that it’s not conservative women who incessantly whine and complain about women’s rights, because we don’t have to. We work and have careers, and husband and children. We stay at home with our babies. We work. We do both. We are CEO’s, doctors, lawyers, journalists, police and military officers, professional athletes, and even professional fighters. We work in construction and manufacturing, and we are teachers, nurses, clerks, librarians, PTA Presidents, soccer coaches and soccer moms.

So where exactly is this war on women, and who is waging it?

The progressive left in this country has been waging a war, and now an ambush on women. But the war is not on all women–only female conservatives. Apparently the left doesn’t appreciate our pioneering spirit, our independence, and the way we shun victimhood.

Rosen would be one of the first to defend her right to work and be a mother. If she was a real feminist, she also would have defended Ann Romney’s right and choice to stay home and raise her children.

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