Bob Huff Embraces Nanny State

Steven Greenhut: Reading through the news, I came across the latest legislative nonsense — a bill that would ban the use of laser therapy by chiropractors. This kind of legislation — which takes the state away from more pressing matters such as pension reform and budget reform — is typical of what the Democratic Party does these days. The Democrats don’t believe that individuals are smart enough to make their own decisions, so they ban stuff they don’t like and subsidize stuff they do like. But then I saw that this measure was authored by Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff of Diamond Bar. “It sounds a lot like 21st century snake oil,” he told the Sacramento Bee.

Well, it sounds like snake oil to me also, but what do I know about it? The supposed difference between Democrats and Republicans is that the Dems want to nanny all of us, using the government’s power to force us to behave in ways that they prefer. Republicans are supposed to accept the idea that individuals can make their own choices. The state should only intervene in such matters when there is serious public danger.

We all know that Huff is a big fan of crony capitalism in that he was the point man trying to save those eminent-domain-abusing redevelopment agencies from the budget axe. Now we see that he loves the Nanny State also. What does it say when an advocate for big, intrusive government leads the GOP in the Senate? (Hint: It means we’re in deep doo doo.) Huff isn’t sure whether to proceed with the bill, according to the Bee, or whether to expand it to ban laser therapy from other practitioners of it. He should withdraw the bill and start looking for ways to actually reduce the power of government.

MAY 6, 2012




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  1. Beelzebub
    Beelzebub 6 May, 2012, 19:24

    My guess is that Huff is getting his pockets padded by whatever medical profession that the chiropractors are in competition with using this therapy. I’ve never been a big fan of chiropractors but what the hell do I know? I’m just another slob on the street with an opinion. Some people I know swear by chiropractors and some seemed to gain long term relief that they were unable to get from traditional medical doctors. Whatever works. If people improve physically with laser therapy who is Huff to ban it? I wish somebody would ban him! What’s he going to ban next??? Tarot card readings?

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  2. ken
    ken 6 May, 2012, 19:35

    I’m going to save this article for when my Republican friends try to convince me that Republicans are for small government. If a paternalistic warfare state can be said to be “small” then they are right. Chiropractic has saved my life and saved me from painful, probably poorly implemented surgery and years of physical therapy. I haven’t tried any laser therapy, nor see a need for it, but I know people who claim to have been helped. What business is it of Huff’s or any other liberal socialist Republocrat if they are wrong?

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  3. Fred Mangels
    Fred Mangels 7 May, 2012, 07:34

    My guess is that Huff is getting his pockets padded by whatever medical profession that the chiropractors are in competition with using this therapy.

    That’s the way it usually works.

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  4. Ender Wiggins
    Ender Wiggins 7 May, 2012, 12:56

    Cheap shot.

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  5. SVAS
    SVAS 9 May, 2012, 10:53

    I was both surprised and saddened to read your blog attacking Senator Huff’s involvement in the laser chiropractic issue. As a physician treating patients with all forms of allergic conditions, I have personally experienced that this was a matter of public health and safety. Not only has the Senator not “padded his wallet” by the medical profession but he receives substantially more money from chiropractors, and their lobbyists/PAC’s. The Senator was bold and fair in asking that Chiropractors self regulate themselves. After repeated delay, dragging on and using all methods of red tape, the Senator introduced legislation which would not only protect patients across our state but also unscrupulous business activities that have no scientific background. I ask that you do a much more thorough review of the science and basis of this legislation before you continue to needlessly attack one of our public servant’s courageous efforts.

    A proud Californian, Physician and Registered Voter

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  6. Dena Robertson
    Dena Robertson 9 May, 2012, 14:21

    As a consumer who fell victim to this false advertising, I see every reason for Senator Huff’s involvement in this issue. I personally had my two children treated by a chiropractor and we ended up at the ER with my one daughter as a result. It was a very scary situation and I thank Senator Huff for protecting me as a consumer from false claims, AND protecting my daughters health and safety by pursuing reform. I do not believe the Board of Chiropractors has addressed this problem so Senator Huff’s involvement is appreciated.

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  7. Allergy Physician
    Allergy Physician 11 May, 2012, 09:44

    As a physician who specializes in helping patients with allergies I first became aware of this issue when a child with a food allergy to nuts was treated by a chiropractor with laser treatments. There is currently no treatment available to “cure” food allergies, as such patients and parents can be desperately hopeful for some “new treatment that cures allergies”. After receiving 10 laser treatments the chiropractor told the child she was no longer allergic to foods. The child ate a candy bar with nuts and promptly developed anaphylaxis, luckily she survived with appropriate treatment in the local ER. If you want to take local honey to treat your hay fever symptoms and you feel better I’m happy for you. Bees don’t cross pollenate the majority of pollens that trigger hay fever but if you feel better on it, you can afford it and most importantly it doesn’t hurt you then I don’t have a problem with my patients taking it. But, that is not the situation ragarding the bill Senator Huff is trying to pass. Patients have almost died after being given this treatment! Most chiropractors are good honest people who don’t offer laser treatments because they know there are no controlled studies showing it cures food allergies. Chiropracty can offer proven benefits when used to treat appropriate diseases, I refer my patients for such. But the Board of Chiropractors refused to regulate these few Chiropractors placing patients at risk. I requested the Calif. Board of Chiropracty provide me with their quidelines regarding the use of Chiropracty treating food allergies, they were not able to provide this information because they have no guidelines. Senator Huff asked for similar information over a year ago and was stonewalled. It wasn’t until this current legislation was presented by Senator Huff that the Chiropractic Board finally admitted there were no controlled studies showing lasers can treat food allergies and promoting this farce places patients at risk of anaphylaxis such as this child experienced. They introduced their own legislation stating no chiropractors should use laser therapy to treat allergies. I applaud Senator Huff for standing up to this lobby grooup and protecting patients, this is something politicians should do more of.

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