CA stands alone in ending global warming

May 7, 2012

By Katy Grimes

I’ve always believed that everything is economic. It appears that this is true, even with climate change mandates. But even insolvency may not be an important enough reason for global warming apologists in California to stop implementation of AB 32 and upcoming carbon auctions.

It’s over, over there

British Columbia is now questioning the future of the climate initiatives it enacted.

Quebec’s greenhouse gas reporting data has been so erratic, it won’t be clear whether the mandates have actually achieved the reduction targets set by the 2006-2012 Climate Action Plan.

The U.S. climate change policy was shelved by the feds, and the Western Climate Initiative is down to two members — California and Quebec — after six U.S. states withdrew last November.

What will it take for California Democrats, Gov. Jerry Brown, the California Air Resources Board and legislative global-warming “experts” to admit that California’s climate change policies need to be shelved as well?

Because if they don’t admit this soon, and scrap plans for the upcoming carbon auctions, we can only conclude that they want to destroy the once Golden State.

“In an annual report, Michael Samson, the Canadian province’s acting auditor general, said Quebec’s greenhouse gas reporting data has been erratic to the point where it won’t be clear whether it has achieved the reduction target set out in its 2006-2012 Climate Action Plan,” Point Carbon website reported.

“Samson said the province too often relies on reporting that is ‘anecdotal,’ and cannot be verified, and said new policies are needed.”

This will undoubtedly impact California. The inability of Quebec to report its emissions accurately and consistently is a big red flag, because California and Quebec are planning on linking their carbon markets next year, in an attempt to create the world’s second largest carbon-emissions trading scheme.

Is this plan based on reality, or is it ego-driven?

The planned carbon trading markets are purely speculative, and could be the death blow to California taxpayers.

We can thank Brown, who decided to monetize CO2 carbon emissions, and plans to tax utility customers, business owners and taxpayers for the emissions. His theory is that the state stands to take in an extra $1 billion in revenues with the carbon credit sales.

But the new revenue stream is not new money coming into the state, and instead is an additional $1 billion from the same old sources — businesses, manufacturers, utility customers, homeowners, property owners, automobile owners and taxpayers.

Predictability, climate change supporters go silent when the results of their efforts are discussed. Overall, if California continues down the road of selling and trading carbon emission credits, it will cost the state $450 billion by 2020, and only 0.4 percent of total global emissions will have been abated.

The Falsified Data is Still False

A 2011 Rasmussen poll found that 69 per cent of 1,000 respondents believed it at least “somewhat likely” that climate scientists had falsified their research data to support the case for catastrophic human-caused global warming. Forty per cent of respondents said falsification of research data was “very likely.” Only 22 percent  responded that they were sure that climate scientists had not falsified data.

The data from international climate scientists is still falsified. California’s diesel emission regulations were falsified. And the hysteria and hype is being pushed by those who stand to gain financially.

An industrious reporter put together a report and photos of how climate change scientists have falsified even the “official” temperature readings. His photos highlight the locations of official climate thermometers located in different cities throughout the world. The thermometers were intentionally placed near air conditioning units which emit heat, at airports where they received blasts of heat from jet engines and against protected walls, where warmth from cement, bricks, and the sun’s reflections produce heat.

The totalitarian statists in government don’t give a hoot about climate change. Its just a convenient vessel for expanding government and government control over the people.

These same people also love to use children and minorities as props for their statist policies.

And now California is truly alone in the end global warming game. Voters and taxpayers must make this stop.

We know that the mental midgits in our government won’t put an end to their gravy train.

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