‘People, people who need tax increases’

Sept. 20, 2012

By John Seiler

Barbara Streisand is so rich she’s way beyond the “1 percent.” So she never would feel the tax increases from Proposition 30, Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax increases on incomes and sales.

But she would pay more money to the wasteful state government. She would have less money to invest in creating new jobs for other people.

On the other hand, if Prop. 30 passes, she also would have less money to give to tax-increase propositions like Prop. 30.

Not that she’s thinking of any of that while endorsing Prop. 30. She’s contributed $5,000 to the campaign. Which will buy a couple seconds of a TV commercial.

Rob Reiner — the Meathead — last seen in public discourse as part of his severe ethical violations as the head of the California First Five bureaucracy, also is contributing.

Reported the L.A. Times, “Studios, including Warner Bros., Fox and Disney, have contributed at least $700,000 to the governor’s campaign committee, according to records filed with the secretary of state’s office.

“Brown has yet to decide whether to sign one of the industry’s top priorities: a bill that would extend a $200-million tax credit for film and television productions.”

I get it. Streisand, Reiner and the studios get massive tax cuts — paid for by tax increases on others (and to some extent, on themselves).

Just another great benefit of living in Hollywoodland (a/k/a Taxifornia).



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  1. Rex the Wonder Dog!
    Rex the Wonder Dog! 20 September, 2012, 09:52

    <b.I get it. Streisand, Reiner and the studios get massive tax cuts — paid for by tax increases on others (and to some extent, on themselves).

    It is hsameful.

    One of the states handing out these massive tax gifts did an ROI study on the tax credits for filming and it showed the credits are not justified based on the income the flilming brought in……just more crony capitalism.

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  2. us citizen
    us citizen 20 September, 2012, 11:23

    bahahahaha………why would ANYONE listen to the movie crowd. They are over paid egotistic nuisances.

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  3. Queeg
    Queeg 20 September, 2012, 11:31

    Are you happy?

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  4. John
    John 20 September, 2012, 13:50

    Barbara, love your voice, but hate your views on politics. Hate the idea that you believe giving more money to the states checkbook is a good thing. But then people with money aren’t concerned about their checkbook balance. So Barbara, feel free to send all your money to the state and federal governments, but stay out of my checkbook!,,,

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  5. Bob
    Bob 21 September, 2012, 09:28

    Are these rich limousine liberals even residents of Caulifornia?

    I know many atheletes take up residency in states with no income tax like Florida when they strike it rich, although they may keep a mansion or two in Caulifornia and live in Caulifornia part-time.

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  6. Windmill
    Windmill 24 September, 2012, 20:42

    Hello and why do we have as many republicans as democrats ? It’s obvious that the republicans care only for the rich . Yet only the top 5% of American voters are rich . So how is it that we middle class and the majority of voters can’t keep politics at the top – Democratic .

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