Shocking media development: An honest take on AB 32’s costs

Nov. 14, 2012

By Chris Reed

Here’s how terrible California media coverage of AB 32 has been: Lots of people reading Dan Walters’ column today about the economic toll that it will take are probably surprised.

Remember back in 2010? In covering Prop. 23, which would have blocked AB 32’s implementation until unemployment went down and stayed down, the media simply ignored the same critique that Walters offers in his new column:

“This is a huge experiment in altering Californians’ economy and lifestyles.

“Whether it pans out or not, the short-run costs will be immense.”

This could have been written any time in the last six years. But it only shows up in the Sacramento Bee on the day that AB 32 kicks into high gear. Boy, are we blessed to have the Sacramento media. These guys are the best.

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