How many Californians will leave?

Dec. 4, 2012

By John Seiler

The big question before us in 2013: How many Californians will skedaddle out of Taxifornia next year? Taxes are going way up, not just at the state level, but at the local level. Even supposedly “conservative,” “anti-tax” Orange County passed five of six local school bonds, meaning massive property tax increases.

The Legislature, run by a new Democratic supermajority, is salivating like Pavlov’s dog every time someone mentions “repeal Prop. 13.”

Americans are the most mobile people in history. It’s easy to plop the kids, the dogs and the luggage in the SUV and “light out for the territories” like Huck Finn. Those who came here can leave.

Sure, it’s tough leaving behind the beautiful weather, the New Year’s Day bar-b-q’s, the surfing.

But it’s easy to leave behind the impossible housing prices, the record high taxes, the failing public schools, the anti-human state and local politics.

Unless you’re a 180-IQ computer genius in Silicon Valley or a government worker biding your time for your massive pension, there’s little reason to stay here other than the weather. And the bad weather isn’t as bad as it seemed. Or even if it is, it can be endured more easily than high taxes and housing, which cannot be endured at all.

Over the next year, we’re going to be seeing a lot of stories about more people getting out of Jerrytopia to find their fortunes elsewhere, instead of seeing their livelihood sucked into the maw of the giant state-union octopus.


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  1. jimmydeeoc
    jimmydeeoc 4 December, 2012, 12:03

    -3.4 million net since 1990 and counting…….

    I ask people: “Uhhhhh……have you noticed how big places like Vegas, Phoenix, Salt Lake, etc. have gotten over the past twenty years or so? Ever wonder how that happened?”

    All too often I receive blank stares…..

    I’m reduced to doing my best General Burkhalter impression from Hogan’s Heroes (“Klink…….you iiiiiiiiiiiidiot!”)


    Civic Report

    No. 71 September 2012


    A Closer Look

    Tom Gray & Robert Scardamalia

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    NTHEOC 4 December, 2012, 14:42

    I hope as many as possible leave! For me there are many positives. Lighter traffic,shorter lines at Costco,the market,and just about every other store! Less than the standard 1to 2 hour wait at dinner, and that’s for some of the most expensive restaurants in town! So,so many good things can come with less people in California. Oh wait, the sky is only falling if you believe what you read on the CWD!!!!! Where’s the soup lines? Lol!!!!! Things are looking good and on the up for CALI my friends. Or you can choose to read and believe the whining,negative,and unhappy writers of the CWD!

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  3. Law Dog
    Law Dog 4 December, 2012, 15:14

    I am a private attorney. I get phone calls like: “If I lived in Texas, I would have saved 150k on my taxes this year.” The conversation continues: “I can buy a 3,000 square foot home, with a pool, etc. for 250k.” And. . So just what I would save in tax leaving California, would pay for my entire house in less than 2 years! Then. . “Can I move my residence and business to a tax friendly state and keep my house here for visiting (wink, living here most of the time or leave my adult children here to go to college etc.) You sure can partner, so why is your business still here? My phone is ringing again, from another angry business owner. If you want a job start looking at States that don’t have income tax. If a business owner is going to the trouble to move to a tax friendly state, they likely will pick a state with no tax vs. less tax. Practicing “Howdy” and “you-all.”

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  4. Jesse
    Jesse 4 December, 2012, 17:06

    NTHEOC.. I was born and raised here in SoCal and I’m planning on leaving Commiefornia by 2014..You have no clue how great this state used to be and what you and your liberal idiots have done to this once golden state. You”ve turned it into the lead state.. Cali was once the 5th largest economy in the world. With all the corporations that have been leaving the state along with all the small businesses that are leaving because of Jerry “MoonBeam” Brown taxing them out of business, we’ll see how many companies are left to employ sad saps like you. Sure you’ll be less populated but then again where are you going to work..Oh that’s right you can be a bus boy at some restuarant washing dishes. I can retire anytime I want and I sure don’t want to stay here since Cali also taxes your retirement. My brother-in-law recently retired here and moved to Vegas where they don’t tax his retirement. He now has an extra $4,800.00 a year to keep. You can keep Commiefornia for all you lame brained idiots, you have no clue how nice Cali was before the Commie liberals took ove this state. Know your history before you make comments..” A government that gives you everything also has the power to take it all away.” Don’t give away your freedoms or soon you won’t have any left. What are you left wing retards going to do when there aren’t enough taxes to pay for all your free stuff. And the free stuff will run out because you can only tax so much then the free lunch is over. And in reality there is no free lunch, someone is paying for it.

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  5. Rex the Wonder Dog!
    Rex the Wonder Dog! 4 December, 2012, 17:22

    I hope as many as possible leave!
    If that happens you will be taking a pension cut NTHEOC, as the tax base will drop. Ask San Bernardino how that works, and then ask their employees how they feel after CalTURDS takes a hug hit in BK, and in turn the employees.

    See, a pension with no tax base to support it is only a Ponzi scheme.

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  6. barb
    barb 4 December, 2012, 19:57

    Since the census is every 10 yrs, I wonder if there will be source that will be keeping track of the exodus. It will be interesting to see what states are the recipients of ex cali residents. Or for that matter other countries!

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    NTHEOC 4 December, 2012, 21:26

    Oh Jesse, you are so lost my friend!!! Left wing commie retard? Really???Btw, why wait till 2014.

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    NTHEOC 4 December, 2012, 21:28

    Btw Jesse, corporations leaving the state or hiding out is nothing new. A majority of them are tax dodging corporate pigs who love to rape the workers and their families!!!!!!!!!

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  9. Douglas
    Douglas 5 December, 2012, 03:20


    Maybe you’re on to something. Jesse was born and raised here, so he should know what a great state this USED to be.

    Like in 1960, when the population was 16 million. California now has 37 million (137% increase). Los Angeles has a population density of 7,000 per square mile, higher than New York or Chicago.

    According to the link jimmydeeoc gives us, ONE of the reasons people are leaving is…………..DENSITY

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  10. Rex the Wonder Dog!
    Rex the Wonder Dog! 5 December, 2012, 07:41

    Los Angeles has a population density of 7,000 per square mile, higher than New York or Chicago.
    Could not be higher than NYC, NY.

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  11. Rex the Wonder Dog!
    Rex the Wonder Dog! 5 December, 2012, 07:43

    Btw Jesse, corporations leaving the state or hiding out is nothing new.
    Actually NTHEOC during the 19890’s boom we had millions of jobs being created, and not “service sector” maid and landscaping jobs, but engineering and, construction and high tech jobs, and that is not being repeated-so you are wrong on that one. Even a homegrown Apple is now expanding outside of CA-including China.

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  12. eyeamok
    eyeamok 5 December, 2012, 09:13

    See, a pension with no tax base to support it is only a Ponzi scheme.

    All public pensions are Ponzi Schemes by definition, They all depend on future investments from future investors to pay for day to day operating expenses, making them by definition PONZI SCHEMES, furthermore there is not a Single Public Pension Plan that can be MATHEMATICALLY FULFILLED without the ENSLAVEMENT of our children and Future Generations to pay for their WANTS Today. By Definition they are Ponzi Schemes. This should be enough in and of itself to INvalidate ALL Public Pensions. and then order All Monies Paid out to be returned to the Taxpayers. Yes this means Seizing the Assets of those who already benefited from this ILLEGAL PONZI SCHEME, for it was all “Ill-Gotten Gains”.

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  13. SeeSaw
    SeeSaw 5 December, 2012, 22:16

    All you do author, is write opinions and think you are worth what they pay you. I did not work until I was 72 years old because I enjoyed, “biding my time”. I worked until such age, because it was necessary if I was going to have enough to live on in my old age. In the meantime, I served the public and did a darn good job, while I was at it!

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  14. Ex-Californian
    Ex-Californian 10 December, 2012, 17:58

    Paroled my family out of California 11 months ago to a small town of 25k in Georgia, My family and I could not be happier !! The respect and courtesy for each other here is incredible. No gangs no graffiti, The way I was raised and the way I believe fits right into the culture. No mortgage no rent, semi-retired at 49. 🙂

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