Good news: State Senate cuts staff 4%

Good news: State Senate cuts staff 4%

surving wave, wikimediaThe good news keeps washing into California like a tubular wave.

Due to budget problems, the California Senate cut its budget 4 percent. The Times reported:

After years of turning down cost-of-living increases for its budget, the state Senate on Friday notified its workforce that 39 employees will be laid off at the end of the year to avoid a multi-million-dollar deficit, a cut of about 4% of the total staff in the upper house. 

Fifty other positions are being cut through attrition and employees will pay about $30 a month more for health care insurance premiums, officials said.

The good news:

  • Fewer functionaries living off us with massive pay, perks and pensions.
  • Fewer functionaries to write bills increasing our taxes.
  • Fewer functionaries to write bills controlling and repressing us.

Now, if they just could get lay off the other 96 percent in the Senate and 100 percent in the Assembly and the executive and judicial branches.

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