Sucking up gets you nowhere

Jan. 24, 2012

By Steven Greenhut

The following statement, which came from a press release, earns my vote for Shameless Suck Up of the Week: “ACEC California applauds Governor Brown for his tireless efforts to balance the state budget.  We are very pleased that in his State of the State speech Governor Brown stressed California’s urgent need for regulatory streamlining particularly of the California Environmental Quality Act, a secure and stable water supply, an improved and expanded transportation system and more job creation,” said Paul Meyer, Executive Director of the American Council of Engineering Companies.

My translation: Please let our private engineers have some of the work from all the new spending programs you are proposing, governor. We know you are going to give most of the work to your union allies, so we are issuing pathetic statements such as this one in the hopes of currying a little favor and getting a few taxpayer-funded scraps.

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