CA suffers 3 of 8 “most miserable” cities

Devil's Night DetroitFeb. 23, 2013

By John Seiler

In Forbes’ new ranking, three of the eight “most miserable” cities in the United States are in California: Modesto (No. 5 worst), Vallejo (No. 6) and Stockton (No. 8). Cities were graded on such factors as “crime rates, foreclosures, taxes, home prices, commute times, weather and decreasing populations.”

The “most miserable” city on the list, not surprisingly, is Detroit, Mich. For 50 years it’s been run by the kind of left-wing, socialist Democrats who now run the whole state of California. Before 50 years ago, Detroit was the industrial wonder of the world, the richest city on the planet because of the auto industry — the “arsenal of democracy” during World War II.

No. 2 “most misderable” is Flint, Mich., another formerly prosperous, car-industry city ruined by left-wind Democrats.

Michigan also placed Warren on the list at No. 7.

But we shouldn’t let Republicans off the hook. Michigan produced two of the worst governors of the modern era, George Romney (1963-68), father of Mitt. Gov. George more than doubled spending in just six years while imposing the state’s first income tax. Far from “helping” poor people with all his socialist programs, his policies sparked the 1967 riots that burned down a large part of Detroit, which never recovered.

His successor was Gov. Roger Milliken (1969-1982). I remember getting out of the U.S. Army in 1982 and returning to my home town of Wayne, Mich., just outside of Detroit, and unemployment was 16 percent. There were no jobs, so I left. True, the U.S. economy was suffering then. But Milliken had made everything worse.

And California, of course, was misgoverned for seven years by Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s now confirmed that he’s a cyborg sent from the future by Skynet to destroy California, and with it any hope our high-tech economy will be able to fight back.

Gov. Granholm

Back to the list:  Illinois also had two in the top eight worst: No. 3 Rockford and No. 4 Chicago.

Note that all the states with cites among the top eight “most miserable” long were run by liberal Democrats backed by powerful unions. Michigan now has a fairly conservative Republican governor and state Legislature. But for eight years (2002-2010) it was run by liberal Democrat Jennifer Granholm, who although born in Canada was raised in California’s Bay Area. She boosted Michigan taxes and increased regulations.

And she’s back here taking our money again as a “distinguished visiting professor of law and public policy” at U.C. Berkeley.

Does California really need lessons in bad governance?

For the three Golden States on the list — Modesto, Stockton and Vallejo — matters actually are worse than listed. A major factor in the list is “weather,” which is pretty good in those cities. I lived through 22 Detroit winters and there’s no way any California city is as bad. And the weather’s bad in Illinois, too.

So if weather were taken off the table, those three California cities would be pushed higher in the “most miserable” ranking.

Although at least if you’re out of work and homeless, you’re unlikely to freeze to death on the street. And your governor likes to quote classical authors and zen sayings. It’s something.



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  1. David in Irvine
    David in Irvine 23 February, 2013, 15:44

    I can’t imagine how bad Modesto, Stockton and Vallejo must be if San Berdoo isn’t on the list! And as an Irvine resident and parent, I would like to thank Gov. Milliken for defending existing school district boundaries in Milliken v. Bradley.

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  2. CalWatchdog
    CalWatchdog Author 23 February, 2013, 17:19

    That was an important decision that I remember well, involving “cross-district busing.” It was an absurd liberal idea to bus, across school district lines, white children to black schools and black children to white schools. The kids would have been on the buses up to 3 hours a day. It was racist, too. The assumption — by liberals — was that the black kids could learn only if they sat next to white kids in suburban schools. But what about crummy schools, crummy administration, crummy teaching and school-union power behind school failure? The whole mess was too absurd even for the U.S. Supreme Court, which ruled for Milliken and the state of Michigan and against the liberal schemers.

    — John Seiler

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  3. Hondo
    Hondo 24 February, 2013, 13:21

    Detroit simply doesn’t exist as a city for the MSM. ABC, NBC, CBS, even Fox won’t show the horrific pictures or stats or stories from Detroit. The republican party won’t touch that city or that story. There is no republican in the food chain that destroyed Detroit. Yet it is completely off limits politically. Someone tell me why.

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  4. stolson
    stolson 24 February, 2013, 17:54

    When I went to San Bernardino a few times, I got lost and couldn’t wait to find my way. A miserable place except around the CA. State area and some of the Highland area. The main drag through the town from west to east is totally a mess, and the people along the route looked downtrodden and suspicious. I was told it is now mostly illegals on doles(by a resident there).
    There are a few big hospitals I had to go to(not for treatment), and they needed upkeep.
    Loma Linda is a really nice place, and Redlands not too bad. But that is part of the county.

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  5. eck
    eck 25 February, 2013, 19:31

    Those “left-wing, socialist Democrats who now run the whole state of California” now also run most of the Federal gov’t. We’re all headed to a USA that is Detroit-redux if we don’t watch out.

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