L.A. Times intolerant toward ‘intolerant’ conservatives over Google on Easter Sunday

Cesar Chavez Day - wikipediaApril 1, 2013

By John Seiler

The Los Angeles Times writer Robin Abcarian informs us:

“There’s no intolerance like good conservative intolerance.

“On Easter Sunday, Google incurred the wrath of the conservative Twittersphere when it chose to feature on its home page a portrait of California civil rights pioneer Cesar Chavez instead of Jesus Christ.”

Actually, the protest was foolish, not “intolerant.” For one thing, why were these religious people even looking at Google on Easter Sunday? Shouldn’t they have been in church, with their families or engaged in acts of charity?

And who really cares what Google does, anyway?

But back to the Tolerance Police at the Times. What’s “intolerant” about wishing that Easter was celebrated yesterday by Google, instead of Chavez? If Chavez’s birthday had fallen a day earlier, and Google had featured him on Saturday, nobody would have minded.

And were these just “conservatives” objecting, or other Christians? Even Latinos who revere Chavez might have wanted him celebrated by Google instead on Monday, when the state of California actually remembers him with an official state holiday, Cesar Chavez Day. If the state could move the celebration to a day after his actual birthday, why couldn’t Google?

Liberalism morphs

What’s happened is a change in liberalism, from tolerance to intolerance. When I went to the University of Michigan in 1973, most of my professors were liberals. But most of them also were highly tolerant of conservatives and libertarians. They enjoyed good discussions.

Unfortunately, modern liberals are afflicted with extreme Political Correctness. Campuses, notoriously, nowadays tolerate little dissent from the Party Line, and even have become extremely hostile to Christians.

Recently, a professor in Florida forced his students to stomp on the name of “Jesus.” Can you think of anything more “intolerant” short of actual violence?

One brave student refused. But what’s shocking is that, even though most of the students in his class likely were Christians, no others did, so indoctrinated have today’s students become to be Politically Correct and to worship P.C. professors. It was reminiscent of a Maoist “self criticism” session.

The student, Ryan Rotela, then was suspended from the school, Florida Gulag University.

After an international uproar, the school relented and ended the suspension. The P.C. prof, Dr.  Deandre Poole, since has been put on leave. I suspect that he’s still being paid, will be back next year and will be hailed as a hero by his fellow P.C. faculty.

Poole also is vice chair of the Palm Beach Democratic Party. Ah, yes, the Party of Tolerance!

I miss the old, tolerant liberals I knew 40 years ago.

Contra Robin Abcarian, today the intolerance mainly is with her fellow liberals, as her own incomprehending intolerance of “conservatives” over the Google flap shows.


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  1. Lou Sylvestri
    Lou Sylvestri 1 April, 2013, 14:41

    It’s still Army St. to me!

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  2. Deeply Anti-Intellectual
    Deeply Anti-Intellectual 1 April, 2013, 15:17

    The blazing red equal sign is an uncanny foreshadowing of the Mark of the Beast. There was great social pressure last week on many California Christians working in schools and large corporations to put that sign on their Facebook pages. It was a good way for society to flush out the “bigots.” Bigot = you don’t give your personal moral approval to someone’s self-described identity and/or sexual practices.

    In the next 20 years, Christians who hold to the Bible as the word of God will begin suffering professionally, financially, and socially for holding onto the traditional Christian moral codes. And most Americans will be happy about this and say “Good, and good riddance ignorant bigots! This is America and I have the “right” to do whatever I want without being judged negatively by you. And we have the power of the majority now to punish you for saying otherwise.”

    And for those Christians intending to parse their answers during the New Humanistic Inquisition, give up. The question won’t be “Do you think the government should recognize unions between same-sex couples?” It will be “Do YOU see same-sex marriage as EQUAL in nature to opposite-sex marriage?”

    Equality is the inspiration for many progressive historical advances, such as the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution. If we get enough equality, the problems plaguing our society will be mitigated. It’s practical and pragmatic as well as enlightened.

    Also, Christian mega-churches that have huge numbers of “members” will lose their tax-exempt status (which may not have been appropriate in the first place, by the way). In their continuing quest to bring in high numbers of unaccountable members (who provide funding for the church bureaucracies and all those desirable church “programs”), they will fail to filter out members and membership applicants who subsequently want their church to recognize and celebrate same-sex marriage. In fact, it’s likely activists will deliberately infiltrate membership of these churches and then file lawsuits. That will cost churches a lot of money.

    As a result of all of this, 20 years from now the number of Americans who identify themselves as Bible-believing Christians will drop to about 20% of the population. (The classroom incident described in this article shows how people will typically respond – they’ll drop their religious principles like a hot potato when pressed.) There will be a small number of die-hards who continue to worship the God of the Bible rather than the gods birthed by the Enlightenment and distorted by postmodern civic discourse.

    Advice to Christians in America in 2013:

    1. Keep in mind that your God sees ALL people as sinners, starting with YOU. That’s why you turned away from self-government and submitted to Jesus Christ, who paid the sentence for your sins against a perfect, just God.

    2. Pray that you show love for your enemies and turn the other cheek when hated. Control your anger. Don’t do anything that gives the majority an excuse to persecute you. (They’re itching for a Christian to respond with violence, which will allow them to take away your guns.)

    3. Be joyful in your suffering, because God is sovereign over all things and does all for His glory and your good.

    4. You may want to start planning for the end of your employment with large corporations or government agencies and for taking your kids out of the public schools. Christians working for secular colleges are especially at risk.

    5. Join a church small enough (about 150 max) for the church leadership to know everyone and everyone to know each other. Make sure the church has well-defined, Biblically-based membership qualifications and discipline procedures. Evangelize in a humble and personal way, rather than through public spectacles.

    6. Mind your own business and don’t go out of your way to provoke people who live under their own moral laws. Only the supernatural Holy Spirit can turn a heart away from self-worship. No one will respond to your self-righteous hectoring about specific sins. You’re a horrible sinner yourself and a hypocrite.

    7. Read the Bible. None of this is new, and none of this should be unexpected. Humans in their natural moral state are inclined to self-worship, as if each person was the creator and sustainer of all things, including truth and moral laws. Government is a powerful tool for forcing others to worship the self, and we all want that power.

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  3. double l
    double l 1 April, 2013, 16:42

    In the early ’70’s, the Nisei Farmer’s League was formed in the Central San Joaquin Valley. The purpose of this group was to protect farmers, their property, and their workers from the hired picketers employed by the United Farmer Workers. The picketers would meet in a park in Parlier, CA and appointed farmers would shadow and follow them to the ranches that were to be picketed that day. CB radios were used to alert farmers, who could get away from their farms, where the picket lines were set up. The farmers were the buffers and they kept the situation from getting out of hand. They also set up night patrols with two farmers driving around until daylight to thwart any union destructive tactics. When I saw the google page this week-end, I would not utilize google and went to yahoo. To honor this face with a day in his name is nothing more than a ploy by politicians to suck up to the latino vote.

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