Brazil anti-govt. protests spreading

Brazil anti-govt. protests spreading

June 22, 2013

By John Seiler

I noted earlier that anti-government protests have erupted in Brazil against their crummy government. Now the protests are spreading. The latest, as reported in the New YorkTimes:

“More than a million protesters marched in the streets late Thursday, according to Brazilian news reports, in the biggest demonstrations yet, and President Dilma Rousseff on Friday called an emergency meeting of her top Cabinet members.”

The Brazilian Obama should resign.

“The mass protests thundering across Brazil have swept up an impassioned array of grievances — costly stadiums, corrupt politicians, high taxes and shoddy schools — and spread to more than 100 cities on Thursday night, the most to date, with increasing ferocity.”

Sounds like America today, especially California.

“All of a sudden, a country that was once viewed as a stellar example of a rising, democratic power finds itself upended by an amorphous, leaderless popular uprising with one unifying theme: an angry, and sometimes violent, rejection of politics as usual.

“Much like the Occupy movement in the United States, the anticorruption protests that shook India in recent years, the demonstrations over the cost of living in Israel or the fury in European nations like Greece, the demonstrators in Brazil are fed up with traditional political structures, challenging the governing party and the opposition alike. And their demands are so diffuse that they have left Brazil’s leaders confounded as to how to satisfy them.”

Actually, a better example than the Occupy movement would the the Tea Party, which the Times doesn’t even mention at all. The Tea Party, contrary to some myths of it being started by the billionaire Koch Bros., in fact was a spontaneous uprising sparked by Ron Paul’s December 2007 “Money Bomb” on the Internet. Paul even called it a reenactment of the Boston Tea Party. Thousands of local groups took it from there. (And in fact, Paul and the Kochs are opposing factions in the libertarian movement.)

Moroever, like the Brazilians, and unlike the Occupy movement, the Tea Partiers oppose the sky high taxes that are bleeding us dry to pad the pockets of lazy government workers and Crony Capitalists who can manipulate the system.

Also, as we have learned the past two months, it was the Tea Partiers, not the Occupy movement, who were the targets of the Stasi-level attacks by the wicked IRS under Obama, which ensured his rigged re-election. Not that Romney would have been better. But opposition to Obama, led by the Tea Partiers, never was allowed to get off the ground because the IRS mercilessly harassed them.

As with my previous post on Brazil, I’m going to end with a YouTube of the great Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66.

And here’s a snappy salute to Brazilians. Let’s hope they lead us all in revolt against repressive governments.

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