California’s version of Obamacare a success? Not by the numbers

California’s version of Obamacare a success? Not by the numbers

CoveredCalifornia_TM-235x300I’m pretty amazed at how long the CA media have gone along with the idea that the state’s version of Obamacare is doing well. I wrote about Covered California in Sunday’s U-T San Diego:

“… the state’s version of Obamacare has reduced the number of Californians with health insurance while doing a terrible job with [Latinos,] the single community that was most in need of health coverage and assistance in navigating the bureaucracy to obtain it. The program also appears likely to be far more costly to taxpayers than previously estimated.

“If this is an Affordable Care Act success story, that’s a profound comment on how badly the rollout is going elsewhere around the nation.”

The lack of Latino participation bodes badly for agency’s need to have a healthy mix of subsidized and non-subsidized enrollees.

“Just 15 percent of those enrolled aren’t eligible for subsidies. If that ratio continues — nearly six subsidized enrollees for every unsubsidized enrollee — then Covered California’s cost to taxpayers will explode.

“And there’s reason to think the ratio will continue: More than half of the Californians without health insurance are Latinos, mostly low-income or unemployed. But they make up only one in five of those who have enrolled with the agency.

“These numbers spurred sharp criticism of Covered California officials last week. The state Legislature’s Latino Caucus disputed agency claims that better marketing would sharply increase Latino participation. Critics said that wouldn’t make up for a poor Spanish-language website, weak outreach and the agency’s failure to understand the Latino community.

“If Covered California corrects these problems, and Latino enrollment surges, that’s good news in terms of the agency’s goals. But then it would be more likely that the highly costly ratio of subsidized to unsubsidized enrollees continues.”

That’s not spin from agency’s leader. That’s deceit.

The Sacramento Bee also editorialized on the bad job Covered California is doing with the Latino community. I enjoyed this potshot:

“Given the size of California’s Latino population, the misstep is disappointing and surprising in an otherwise successful launch.

‘”Covered California executive director Peter Lee’s persistent efforts to ‘accentuate the positive’ and ‘eliminate the negative,’ as the song goes, should not mask that hard reality.”

That’s a gentle way to describe Lee’s relentless dishonesty. Lee and his agency began lying with their very first significant press release: the one that falsely implied that there wouldn’t be a huge rate shock among Californians because of the Affordable Care Act.

That lie is such a whopper that it once again serves as a reminder that government executives get away with outrageous behavior that would lead to fines and jail if the liars were private-sector CEOs.


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  1. billybs
    billybs 26 January, 2014, 09:51

    Probably get more signups if free stuff was offered. Toasters, cups, raffles, marijuana, whatever it takes.

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  2. LetitCollapse
    LetitCollapse 26 January, 2014, 10:40

    Hey Chris, if you think it’s bad now wait until State Senator Lara’s proposed bill to give ObamaCare to illegal aliens become law!!! LOL!!! Illegals will flock to California from around the world to get their free routine ObamaCare and CADL’s!!! LOL! And the more poor people that come here the higher our poverty rate goes – the more government workers we’ll need to service all the new problems that goes hand in hand with an impoverish population! The bottom line is that YOUR TAXES will continue to go higher to pay for it all. Poverty costs money in America, Chris. It’s not cheap. And you can’t send the impoverished the bill. They don’t have anything or their bank accounts and assets are back in their home countries. The American PRODUCER must get charged to pay for all that poverty. The working middle class PRODUCER.

    And, of course, Covered California is going to fudge the numbers on enrollment and the ratio of subsidized to non-subsidized enrollees. Do you expect them to tell you the truth? How long did it take you to find out the government was collecting our phone and email data? And what forced them to finally fess up? If not for Snowden do you think Obama would have held a press conference to tell the American people that we were being spied on by our own government agencies? lol.

    Let’s be honest. ObamaCare was never designed to improve your healthcare. It was a bailout package for government and corporate America. You realize that the insurance companies can’t lose, right? If they don’t hit their profit benchmarks the taxpayers bail them out. You realize that, right? And the government will gladly accept your penalty so that they can increase next year’s budget by 5% and continue to deficit spend until it all implodes.

    ObamaCare was a TAX. It was meant to be a TAX from the start. A backdoor TAX disguised as a new and improved health care plan. Congress knew that the American people were stretched to the limits and would never accept a regular TAX increase legislated through Congress. So they had to disguise it and fool you!!! That’s why Conservative Justice Roberts caved and threw his vote to Obama and the democrats. That’s the way the script was written from the very start. It was played out as planned!

    Look, Chris. The government WANTS ‘income inequality’, regardless of what Obama told you. It wants a nation of rich and poor people. Since 1980, due to designed government policy, the real inflation adjusted value of the dollar has dropped by a full 75%. FACT. Over that same time period the wages of the average American have been flat. FACT. IOW’s the average American has lost tremendous ground in keeping up with the cost of living. And over those 3 decaded BOTH political parties in Congress have REPEATEDLY increased Federal budget deficits under the ILLUSION that deficit spending is good for Americans! FACT. lol. And look where we are today – poverty rates on the rise EVERYWHERE in America except in the gated communities on the beltway and on Wall Street! FACT. lol. Regular middle class citizens are joining the impoverished!!! When the cost of living rises and wages stay flat over long periods of time it can mean only one thing!!! LOWER STANDARD OF LIVING! FACT.

    It’s obvious what they’re doing. But they’ve successfully dumbed down the nation to such a degree that over half of us are intellectually anestitized! They are still teaching our kids in school that we have ‘equality under the law’ and ‘consent of the governed’ in America! Imagine that!!! lol.

    With liberty and justice for all!

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  3. Ulysses Uhaul
    Ulysses Uhaul 27 January, 2014, 07:43


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  4. Dyspeptic
    Dyspeptic 27 January, 2014, 09:55

    “The program also appears likely to be far more costly to taxpayers than previously estimated.”

    I’m shocked, shocked to find out that we have been lied to by the Powers That Be and their “News” Media lapdogs. So what’s next? Let me guess, the state budget really isn’t balanced, AB 32 is a complete waste of money, the Bullet Train is an illegal scam and the Tooth Fairy is actually a creepy, transgendered, homeless schizophrenic with OCD.

    “Given the size of California’s Latino population, the misstep is disappointing and surprising in an otherwise successful launch.”

    If Covered Commiefornia needs help with a new advertising campaign for Latino’s I have a suggestion for a campaign mascot – The Frito Bandito. I loved that guy when I was a kid. Bring back The Frito Bandito. The corn chips ain’t bad either.

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  5. LetitCollapse
    LetitCollapse 27 January, 2014, 11:17

    Be careful, Dys. That last paragraph might get you accused of having ‘subconscious’ racial motives here at CWD.

    Be safe and limit it to Irish leprechauns and beer.

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  6. billyBS
    billyBS 27 January, 2014, 14:54

    Actually, give out the free phones with cell/internet service(Bill to: POTUS) when the “qualifiers” sign up for Obamacare. Have the a picture of the Prez already there when the phone is turned on. Isn’t that truly a great idea?….You heard it here first, if it is mentioned in the State of the Union address, you will know whose idea that baby is!

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  7. LetitCollapse
    LetitCollapse 27 January, 2014, 16:02

    The illegals already get all the free healthcare from the taxpayers that they need at any ER in the state. If I were an illegal I would use only the best of the best. If I got sick I would head straight for hospitals in Rolling Hills, Belvedere, Hidden Hills, Portola Valley, Atherton, Rancho Santa Fe, etc…

    Why settle for second best when the taxpayer’s foot the bill?

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