AG doesn’t write slanted ballot language for plastic bag measure

AG doesn’t write slanted ballot language for plastic bag measure

bagThe Attorney General’s Office of the state of California has a long, ugly history under Kamala Harris, Jerry Brown and Bill Lockyer of writing ballot language that pushes voters one way or the other — always to the benefit of Dem stalwarts like public employee unions, trial lawyers and environmentalists.

But not when it comes to efforts to roll back the newly enacted ban on single-use plastic bags:

The Attorney General of California has prepared the following title and summary of the chief purpose and points of the proposed measure:

REFERENDUM TO OVERTURN BAN ON SINGLE-USE PLASTIC BAGS. If signed by the required number of registered voters and timely filed with the Secretary of State, this petition will place on the statewide ballot a challenge to a state law previously approved by the Legislature and the Governor. The challenged law must then be approved by a majority of voters at the next statewide election to go into effect. The law prohibits grocery and certain other retail stores from providing single-use bags but permits sale of recycled paper bags and reusable bags.

That looks pretty neutral to me. Good for Kamala Harris.

Sac Bee spreads the green religion

Meanwhile, the propagandists are at it again, pretending that the case is overwhelming for the ban, instead of extremely mixed. This is from a sneering Sac Bee editorial:

It’s a true if gruesome fact that chickens that have been relieved of their heads sometimes run around for a while before they quite realize their irreversible predicament.

That appears to be happening to the plastic bag industry. It would explain why it hasn’t figured out that the ubiquitous single-use plastic grocery bag has just suffered a killing blow. Its days are numbered.

The very day the governor signed a statewide ban on single-use grocery bags, Sept. 30, the industry filed papers to start the process for a referendum. If it qualifies by gathering enough signatures, it will delay the July 2015 implementation of the ban until it can be decided by voters during the November 2016 election.

Then, the industry will spend many millions of dollars to try to trick Californians into thinking that it’s a good thing that billions of single-use plastic bags are clogging up our storm drains and rivers, tangling up in our native flora, filling up the oceans and doing God only knows what other environmental mischief.

The truth is not what Californians have been told

I defer to Jay Beeber’s assault on this green propaganda. This is from Reason’s website in 2012, when a bag ban was being considered in Los Angeles:

Proponents give three reasons for the bag ban. They claim it will reduce the amount of waste entering landfills, reduce litter on streets, and “help protect the environment.”

But banning free grocery bags will not achieve those lofty goals.

First, banning free plastic grocery bags won’t reduce waste. California’s Statewide Waste Characterization Study [pdf] shows that “Plastic Grocery and Other Merchandise Bags” consistently make up just 0.3 percent of the waste stream in the state. That’s three-tenths of 1 percent. In comparison, organic waste such as food and yard clippings makes up 32 percent while construction debris comprises about 30 percent. The effect of eliminating free grocery bags on the amount of waste generated in the city would be insignificant.

Second, despite misleading claims from environmental groups and the L.A. Bureau of Sanitation, banning free plastic grocery bags won’t do much to reduce litter in the public commons. Litter studies from across the country demonstrate that, on average, plastic retail bags make up about 1 percent to 2 percent of all litter.

Even that small amount of litter doesn’t decline when bans are enacted. In San Francisco, plastic bags comprised 0.6 percent of litter before the city banned plastic bags and 0.64 percent a year after the ban took effect [pdf, pg. 35]. Since plastic grocery bags make up less than 2 percent of roadside trash, banning them will affect neither the total amount of litter nor the cost of cleaning it up.

Third, banning free plastic grocery bags won’t reduce our consumption of foreign (or domestic) oil. L.A.’s Bureau of Sanitation claims [pdf] that “approximately 12 million barrels of oil go into the US supply of plastic bags.” But plastic bags made in the U.S. are not derived from oil; they’re made from a byproduct of domestic natural gas refinement. Manufacturing plastic grocery bags does not increase our need to import oil, and banning them in Los Angeles or anywhere else will not reduce US oil consumption.

Despite claims that plastics threaten our oceans and sea life, there is no evidence that free plastic grocery bags make up any significant portion of the plastic waste found on beaches or in the ocean. In fact, reports from environmental groups doing beach and ocean clean-ups show that plastic bags make up only about 2 percent of the debris.

The Bee acknowledges none of this. When you have a deep commitment to your faith, you don’t sweat the details. And, in the Bee’s case, you mock and taunt the heretics.


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  1. LetitCollapse
    LetitCollapse 12 October, 2014, 10:32

    Makes no difference to me. I’ve saved over 1000 plastic bags that I’ve accumulated from the stores where I shop. I will continue to use those plastic bags if and when the ban takes effect. Unless they make ‘possession of a plastic bag’ a code and safety violation – there’s nothing that they can do to stop me. Those bags will last me for the rest of my natural life. Whenever I come home from the store the little lady sings “Papa’s got a brand new bag”. If you use your imagination you can beat the the system and have fun while you’re doing it!!! 🙂

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    • T Mind of Ted Your God
      T Mind of Ted Your God 20 October, 2014, 21:11

      Collapso– Maybe you have not gotten the word yet but the gov will becoming to get your plastic bags. While they are at your house you will be screened for the President’s death panel and any guns will be taken.

      You’ll be ok– relax.

      And thanks for recycling all those old bags and cans! I salute you! We need more recyclers like you!

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  2. LetitCollapse
    LetitCollapse 12 October, 2014, 15:01

    Instead of making laws to save us from the evil plastic bags these worthless state politicians should form a plan about what to do when (not ‘if’) the inevitable happens and the first ebola infected human arrives in California. It’s been reported that a healthcare worker in Dallas who cared for the now deceased ebola patient who flew in from Africa …. is now also infected. And that patient was wearing full protective gear during all encounters. This almost certainly indicates the virus was spread through the air. And how many other people were infected by said healthcare worker? Are we being told the truth about this virus? Why are we still allowing planeloads of travelers from West Africa to come into our country? They might not show symptoms of ebola upon arrival and still be infected. Why are we NOT sealing OUR borders with the military to keep this disease out? Think about this: A terrorist could infect himself with the ebola virus, then sneak across the Mexican border and infect as many Americans as possible. Then the disease would spread like wildfire – and we would be unable to stop it. People would have to confine themselves to their homes to prevent it from spreading. The economy would shut down. How many doctors and healthcare workers would still go to work to care for ebola patients? Hmmmm? Would you??? Our leaders are hanging us out to dry. If I were in charge I would (1) IMMEDIATELY stop all commercial aircraft originating from West Africa (or any other part of the world known to have significant ebola infections) from landing at our airports and (2) Order our military to place all available stateside personnel on our northern and southern borders to stop ALL illegal crossings into the United States! We have about 1.4M active duty and 850,000 reserve military personnel. I would expect AT LEAST 500,000 troops deployed to guard our northern and southern borders – until ebola is under control. If ebola continues to spread in Africa at the current rate it’s reported there could be 1.4M infections there by the end of the year.
    The United States needs to be PROACTIVE here because once ebola spreads – IT’S TOO DAMN LATE!!! Btw, viruses MUTATE! They tell us that the ebola virus is weak – BUT VIRUSES ADAPT!!!

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  3. SeeSaw
    SeeSaw 12 October, 2014, 17:38

    I will probably support the Referendum. I always save up the bags and donate them to the Senior Center. There will probably be a clutter-crisis with this new law. People who are already cluttered will become more cluttered, having to save all those bags between now and when the law goes into affect.

    As far as the AG’s wording is concerned–the right-wing nuts always howl when the truth is told, right off, in the title of a proposed intiative. KH got it exactly right when she described the “Reed Initiative”.

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  4. Reptile62
    Reptile62 12 October, 2014, 17:41

    I agree with the Sacramento Bee. Plus one item that the anti-plastic bag people don’t realize is that it takes more power(energy or electricity) to produce paper and cloth bags than it does the plastic bags. Bring on the petition I want to sign that one…………..

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  5. LetitCollapse
    LetitCollapse 13 October, 2014, 11:40

    Well, I wonder how long it will take the AG and the State legislature to follow behind the cities of Seattle and Minneapolis that changed “Columbus Day” to “Indigenous People’s Day”. lol. I figure once those 2 liberal sinkholes floated the canary in the mine shaft and watched it survive – that California is not far behind. These liberal traitors are destroying all the traditions, culture, virtues and values that the beautiful nation I remember once stood for. Slowly but surely they are pounding nails in Lady Liberty’s coffin. So sad to witness. A dismantling of an empire. Personally, I don’t give a rat’s behind what they call “Columbus Day”. It will ALWAYS be “Columbus Day” to me. Even if they enact a law that prohibits me from wishing my neighbors a “Happy Columbus Day” I will do it anyway.


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    • T Mind of Ted Your God
      T Mind of Ted Your God 20 October, 2014, 21:15

      Columbus, while certainly brave, was well documented to have been genocidal both intentionally and through neglect.

      I assume of course that a person of your character Collapso would celebrate that.

      Enjoy the day! LMAO

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  6. Queeg
    Queeg 14 October, 2014, 22:15

    Doomers can get plastic bags from prepper sites, so what is the big deal anyway?

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