Moorlach to seek O.C. state Senate seat

Moorlach to seek O.C. state Senate seat

moorlachTermed-out Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach — who until recently seemed to be preparing for an exit from active politics — has decided to run for the 37th State Senate District. Moorlach, who will be 59 on Dec. 21, is likely to face a tough challenge from fellow Republican Don Wagner, 53, an Irvine lawyer in his second term in the Assembly.

The Senate seat is open because the previous holder of the post, Mimi Walters, won election to Congress, replacing Rep. John Campbell, who surprised many when he decided to not seek re-election and to leave politics. A special election will probably be held in May to fill the Senate position.

Moorlach, a Costa Mesa CPA,  had a quick rise to fame in 1994 when he ran against Orange County Treasurer-Tax Collector Robert Citron. He correctly predicted that Citron’s gambles with investment funds would go haywire. A month after Citron won re-election, he resigned in disgrace as Orange County was forced into bankruptcy.

Moorlach was appointed to fill out the remainder of Citron’s term.

Subsequent investigations revealed that Citron had used a Ouija board in making investments, among the details that made Orange County something of a laughingstock in the national press. Moorlach helped in the cleanup process and won election in 1996, serving as county treasurer-tax collector for 12 years.

In 2006, he ran for county supervisor and was re-elected in 2010.

The 37th State Senate District covers much of central Orange County, ranging from Huntington Beach to Laguna Beach along the coast and inland to Irvine and as far north as Villa Park. Republicans have about a 14 percent registration edge. A serious Democrat challenger is not expected.


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  1. Timberrrrrr......
    Timberrrrrr...... 2 December, 2014, 11:05

    I am very pleased that Mr. Moorlach threw his hat into the 37th District race for the State Senate and is giving Wagner some keen competition. And I hope he wins even though he’s been complicit in some of the mismanagement of County government in Orange County – regarding the multitude of scandals in the last 7 years. But if his Supervisorial colleague Janet Nguyen (a complete and utter joke) won a State Senate seat – Mr. Moorlach certainly deserves one as well. My advice to Mr. Moorlach would be to make an issue out of Mr. Wagner signing a letter to the Republican Congressional Delegation calling for the House of Representatives to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform in order to ‘solidify families’. What a fine conservative Republican with strong conservative ‘rule of law’ values! Despite demographic changes, Orange County remains a conservative county and it’s my opinion that the Orange County voters won’t tolerate such nonsense. Republicans should think twice before selling out to the other side. Just ask Eric Canter. 🙂

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  2. Queeg
    Queeg 2 December, 2014, 14:03

    Isn’t he one of those “blow up the boxes” guys we all have come to dispise or what?

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  3. T Mind of Ted Your God
    T Mind of Ted Your God 2 December, 2014, 14:18

    For those that don’t know this guy I will say one word–


    He spent millions trying to win an antipension lawsuit against the workers, was advised by 2 law firms he engaged not to sue AND advised by the DA not to sue– and, of course on our behalf he lost.

    That cost OC taxpayers a cool 5 mil

    HE took the same pension for himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A total goof—sort of an oafish looking teabaggy nest feathering toadie….

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz—- I love this stuff.

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    • Rex the Wonder Dog!
      Rex the Wonder Dog! 4 December, 2014, 21:48

      “…AND advised by the DA not to sue”
      And who better to ask about a civil legal issue then the local elected DA, a criminal lawyer, with no civil law experience!

      Our esteemed geriatric with yet another Einstein comment….err….moment.

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  4. Queeg
    Queeg 2 December, 2014, 16:45


    One of your best. This guy needs to ride into the sunset…

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  5. T Mind of Ted Your God
    T Mind of Ted Your God 3 December, 2014, 22:28

    Thanks Queeg– I do what I can. I know I make it look easy, but I think that you know, it’s not.

    I am the Ted. ™

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  6. Leonard Kinkade
    Leonard Kinkade 31 January, 2015, 15:27

    It’s time for a change, California legislators mostly Democrats, and some Republicans keep kicking the fiscal that down the road. However, soon will be able to see the end of the road the question is who’s got a pay for? Just look in the mirror, that’s right! it’s you. Currently, there is a bill to tax the mileage on your car! Were you aware that? The Legislature last month approved Senate Bill 1077, which authorizes a pilot program to explore a “road usage charge” as a potential replacement of the state gas tax.
    This is how little work, every time you have your car smog tested the mileage will be included to Sacramento. And some time later you’ll get a bill for the mileage on your vehicle. Proponents note that this is a good way to get rid of the gas tax, however his were well aware of what happens is they keep the current taxes and just add on more!
    Consequently, while everybody’s watching the Super Bowl taxes go up, and because you’re so busy trying to make ends meet, in some cases working two or three jobs you have time to see what the politicians are doing in Sacramento. You should note that the majority of these politicians are attorneys, who couldn’t get a good day job so it went into politics. o
    We have enough attorneys in Sacramento in the legislature, apparently Moorlach is a CPA, that’s right of being counter, it’s my personal belief this is the kind of people you need in Sacramento not tax-and-spend attorneys trying to bring home the pork to their local jurisdiction.
    Unfunded pension liability appears to be the largest current debt that the state of California has incurred, I believe that’s what Moorlach tried to curtail, and in some cases lessened the unfunded pension liability for the County of Orange. I think that’s the kind of person we need in Sacramento, the whole these people’s feet to the fire and to expose expose pork barrel politics when it occurs.
    At the rate California is taxing people going to end up with two choices either moving to Arizona, which is signing over your paycheck every week to the state of Cal. It’s your choice but it’s time to pay attention who we send to Sacramento!

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  7. Leonard Kinkade
    Leonard Kinkade 31 January, 2015, 15:30

    Pardon my Dragon speak, it has learned to spell very well!

    Leonard K

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