Gov. Brown seeks ‘permanent’ funding for Medi-Cal, infrastructure

Jerry BrownIn announcing the budget deal with the Legislature, Governor Jerry Brown announced two special sessions to deal with transportation and Medi-Cal funding. Call them the “special tax sessions.”

In the press release announcing the sessions, the governor stated that the sessions were to “find more adequate funding for our roads and health care programs.”

The governor asked for “permanent and sustainable funding to maintain and repair the state’s transportation and critical infrastructure.” He also wants “permanent and sustainable funding to provide at least $1.1 billion annually to stabilize the state’s General Fund costs for Medi-Cal,” some of which would be used to meet the demands of programs Democratic legislators sought funds for in the current budget such as In-Home Supportive Services.

At the governor’s press conference announcing the budget deal, reporters asked Gov. Brown about his first term (third term?) campaign pledge to only seek tax increases with approval of voters. Gov. Brown’s answer indicated the pledge only applied to his first term.

Add it all up and there will be a push for tax or fee increases to support the governor’s call for “permanent and sustainable funding.” Discussions will revolve around gas taxes and a higher car tax or maybe a mileage fee for transportation; perhaps an increased cigarette tax and other health care taxes for Medi-Cal.

Brown might hope for support from the business community for the transportation and infrastructure fix. Those issues have been of on-going concern to business.

Still, the large influx of dollars in the current budget and the talk of tax proposals that may end up on next year’s ballot will only increase the anxiety of businesses and taxpayers alike, and could result in stalemated special sessions.


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  1. Bruce
    Bruce 18 June, 2015, 08:30

    Voters will respond…with their feet as they continually leave Ca., the state taking from one and giving to another.

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    • Ulysses Uhaul
      Ulysses Uhaul 18 June, 2015, 08:57

      Uly feels your pain……since we cannot get along together……and help the kids….at least move with us. Pack and Ship!

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    • SkippingDog
      SkippingDog 18 June, 2015, 11:13

      That must be why the population of California is now approaching a record 40 million people. I’d be happy if we could get about half of those to leave.

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  2. Bruce
    Bruce 18 June, 2015, 10:06

    An argument that illegals have paid taxes and deserve free Medi-Cal. is flawed. An illegal alien enters the U.S. via the California border Monday morning at 7:00 am and at 7:01 am receives free Medi-Cal while having paid no taxes. Since the illegal alien is given a free pass breaking laws, every American should also be given a “freebie”…and thus anarchy. Socialism is not healthy and very expensive and the rule of law has no exceptions.

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    • SeeSaw
      SeeSaw 18 June, 2015, 11:51

      Well, it has to be an emergency–has he been shot? stabbed? run-over? What would you do–let him die?

      An illegal immirgrant cannot just enter CA and walk into the SS Office and get Medi-Cal coverage. One must be a legal citizen to be covered by Medi-Cal.

      Whoever is living in our grand state, should be educated, healthy, and legally employed. We want it no other way!

      Let Bruce go and enjoy his new state–I guarantee he will be back, as soon as he realizes there is no such thing as a state of milk and honey.

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      • Dork
        Dork 18 June, 2015, 15:54

        Well, it has to be an emergency”

        Wrong, It only has to be an “Emergency ROOM” regardless of the ailment.

        Furthermore California has a Special Program just for ILLEGAL ALIENS. Now back to the main point of the article, Permanent Funding. I propose the following:

        All Public Services and Public Benefits, All Losses or Damages to any person that can demonstrate a Legal Presence in the State, and Any and ALL COSTS associated with a person in the US Illegally shall be paid for by an assessment on EVERY PUBLIC EMPLOYEE in the State, All Public Servants and Public Officials shall be responsible for 50% and the rest by ordinary Public Employees, All funds shall be deducted from their paycheck at whatever percentage necessary to cover 100% of ALL COSTS.

        See we don’t need more taxes.

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        • Bruce
          Bruce 18 June, 2015, 16:18

          There is a call for funding Medi-Cal for illegal aliens under the age of 19. If you think this is great, pay my share please…I’m out of money!

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          • SeeSaw
            SeeSaw 18 June, 2015, 16:58


        • SeeSaw
          SeeSaw 19 June, 2015, 10:51

          Thanks. I will need to give this more attention/study. I hardly believe people from Mexico would be trucking their children here for the purpose of getting Medical.

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          • bob
            bob 19 June, 2015, 17:03

            Yeah, you do that while poor Desmond is worked to death to pay your pension! After you’re done “studying” go on over and dance on Desmond’s grave.

          • Bruce
            Bruce 19 June, 2015, 21:29

            There is a money machine and that machine is illegals sending money back to Mexico. I write and comment only on the system or lack of enforcing current laws. We cannot afford to have the whole world in Ca. or the U.S. At some point we will (or already have) become over saturated. Dennis Michael Lynch has a documentary “They Come To America” that is, to me, worthwhile to view. Not only a porous border for Mexicans, also Chinese literature (espionage) and prayer rugs (Middle East).

  3. Ted
    Ted "Doc VanNostrum " Steele 18 June, 2015, 17:00

    ATTENTION— American tea baggy Tumpites!

    NEVER ask, What would Jesus do? You will never like the answer!!

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    • Bruce
      Bruce 18 June, 2015, 18:06

      I believe Jesus would say to obey all laws(that includes illegals before they enter the U.S.) while showing compassion. How many illegals do you think the country can handle financially? A billion, two, the whole world? Common sense needs to enter at some point.

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  4. desmond
    desmond 19 June, 2015, 04:37

    Compassion. Common sense. Expect Mexico and other countries South to bring their under 19 mental and physically disabled to Calfornia by the trailer truck. Why wouldn’t t they? The governor wants open borders and says we can take care of them. It is compassionate to get them good care, and why should their citizens pay for it, when another guy wants to pay for it?

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  5. Ronald Stein
    Ronald Stein 19 June, 2015, 06:25

    Governor Brown is a great politician, but he is killing his huge budget and support for infrastructure with his crusade to support Senate Bill 350, the Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act of 2015. That will mandate a 50 percent reduction in oil usage by vehicles by 2030.

    The reality is that Honda has opted to kill its Civic hybrid and CNG models. The death of the Civic hybrid and CNG are an acknowledgment of public disinterest in the alternative technologies. According to Karl Brauer of Kelley Blue Book, this is a “reflection of zero interest from American consumers in small, fuel-efficient cars — especially more expensive hybrid versions of small, fuel-efficient cars,” “This is in keeping with where the market is going, away from hybrids and toward smaller, more efficient internal combustion engines.”

    Moms will continue to drive their kids to school and soccer, workers still need to drive back and forth from work, hospitality workers still need to drive to work, fast food workers still need to drive to work, truckers still need to deliver the huge amount of containers that arrive in our ports to serve the needs of CA and the entire USA.

    California’s 100,000 electric vehicles are the most electric vehicles in any state, however, the other 97% of California’s 30 million vehicles that DO NOT run on electricity or other alternative fuels are consuming more than 40 million gallons of transportation fuels, gasoline and diesel, excluding jet fuel, EVERY DAY. Sounds like a lot of fuel, but it equates to just more than 1 gallon per day per vehicle.

    Even though there is a both projected growth in population from our current 38 million citizens, AND an increase in vehicle registrations from our current 30 million to more than 40 million vehicles, the fuel demand is projected to decline slightly from the current 40 million gallons per DAY of gasoline and diesel, mostly as a result of continuous improvements in fuel efficiencies, and a slight impact by the 3% of vehicles that run on electricity or other alternative fuels.

    We already have AB32 and the LCFS in effect to control GHG emissions. REQUIRING California’s 38 million citizens to change their lifestyle appears to be bad public policy and possibly unenforceable on abusers that do not reduce their usage by 50%.

    It appears that a reduction from the current 40 million gallons of transportation fuels down to 20 million a day in just 15 years would be a drastic lifestyle change to demobilize one of the world’s largest that is funding the huge California budget.

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    • Bruce
      Bruce 19 June, 2015, 10:36

      Man-made climate change or solar-induced? If man can affect climate then we are in good shape as warm is best desired. However I’m in the solar-induced having a greater impact on earth as science points out. A predicted solar hibernation that occurs every 206 yrs. is upon us and to ruin an economy chasing windmills is deadly. See for yourself…RC Theory
      As for Brown being a good governor, not my vote, nor was Arnold.

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  6. Queeg
    Queeg 20 June, 2015, 01:39

    Solar companies tend to BK every few years…….then who services warranty calls?

    Also, parts on solar systems are crap. Replacements in stock in a few years unlikely.

    Also, ever heard of a solar repairman? Maybe your crazy Uncle Louie!

    No parts, no training, no professional maintenance staff, no warranties, you heard your smileeee solar sales person was working at Woolworths, Western Auto or Radio Shack….poof!

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