KFI’s John & Ken discuss ‘Browndoggle’ with CWD’s Chris Reed

March 16. 2013

john-and-ken-155x155In an interview with CalWatchdog contributor Chris Reed, KFI 640 AM’s John and Ken discussed the fiasco that is the California bullet-train project, which they call the “Browndoggle.”

The interview begins at the 5:35 p.m. point of their Friday show — about halfway through this podcast.

It focused on topics familiar to Cal Watchdog readers.

— The implications of federal belt-tightening for future funding from Congress.

— The indifference of state and federal regulators and legislators to the ways the California High-Speed Rail Authority is breaking not just promises but laws.

— The unrealistic hopes that the Obama administration has raised for state bullet-train fans about the prospects for massive new federal funding.

— The ideological cheerleading for the bullet train that one often sees on the pages of the state’s biggest newspapers.



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