Sanchez eyes GOP votes against Harris

Sanchez eyes GOP votes against Harris

loretta sanchez 2Faced with an uphill battle in her Senate campaign against establishment favorite Kamala Harris, the state’s attorney general, Rep. Loretta Sanchez has turned her sights on an unlikely constituency: Republicans.

Matchmaker for strange bedfellows

According to reports, Sanchez’s insurgent bid faces an intertwined political and demographic challenge that has suddenly turned GOP voters from foes into potential allies. “To survive the state’s top-two primary election in June, Sanchez needs two of her biggest bases of political support, Southern Californians and Latinos, to defy their historically lackluster turnout at the polls,” said analysts, according to the Los Angeles Times. “Support from California’s growing group of independents and moderates — Republican moderates, in particular — may also be essential.”

That kind of coalition would require no small amount of political jujitsu. In recent months, the state and national political scene has frequently been dominated by acrimonious debates on immigration — often fueled by conservatives frustrated with the selective nonenforcement of current law. But that issue hasn’t exhausted the ideological differences that often keep Republicans from crossing over in California. “Crafting a campaign that appeals to this patchwork of voters, many with divergent views on taxes, immigration and other divisive issues, could be difficult,” noted the Times, although “Latinos and moderate Republicans do align on certain issues: creating jobs, strengthening the middle class and improving schools with such actions as weeding out bad teachers and embracing charters.”

Fractured opposition

In this sense, the challenge for Sanchez has less to do with bringing Latinos and Republicans together than convincing Republicans to cast their vote for a Democrat. That’s why her hopes have centered around the prospect of squaring off again against Harris after primary season. “If Sanc­hez makes it to the gen­er­al elec­tion, al­lies of the Or­ange County Blue Dog Demo­crat say her more mod­er­ate pro­file could help her pick up sup­port from in­de­pend­ents and maybe even some Re­pub­lic­an voters who wouldn’t have a can­did­ate on the bal­lot,” National Journal reported.

Here, the deep personal and political fissures in the California GOP could be decisive. “At the state Re­pub­lic­an Party con­ven­tion in Ana­heim last month, there was talk about con­sol­id­at­ing be­hind one can­did­ate if he pulled ahead of the oth­ers,” National Journal added. “But each of the men run­ning spoke zeal­ously about his own path to vic­tory, and Re­pub­lic­ans have not been op­tim­ist­ic about end­ing up with one stand­ard-bear­er — es­pe­cially be­cause oth­er can­did­ates con­tin­ue to eye the race.”


Sanchez’s scramble for a path to victory comes at a moment when the comparative size of her campaign war chest has also become the focus of horserace handicapping. Harris has outraised her by a significant margin. “Sanchez reported raising almost $1 million in contributions this year for her U.S. Senate campaign, well behind the $6 million” raised by Harris, according to financial filings reported by the Times.

But Harris has also been quick to allocate her resources, “burning through campaign cash nearly as rapidly as she raises it,” according to the Sacramento Bee. “She is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on mail fundraising appeals, a large campaign staff anchored in Los Angeles and prominent fundraisers scattered across the country.” Between July and September, the Bee added, Harris spent $1.4 million out of $1.8 million raised, tacking on $400,000 of debt. Separately, the Bee reported, Harris also availed herself of some $300,000 in loans.

Republicans, for their part, have come in far under the fundraising level of either Democrat. Although some of the three GOP Senate contenders have gotten off to a relatively late start, none have exceeded $250,000 since entering the race, according to the Bee.


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  1. JimmyDeeOC
    JimmyDeeOC 6 November, 2015, 13:14

    There’s only one problem.

    Sanchez is a retarded person.

    OK….well not technically. She’s probably of average intelligence. But some……errr…..many of the things she says makes me wonder.

    On the other hand she’s pretty cute, even at 55. (Apparently she lassoed all the looks in that family….her sister’s a toad). And she seems like she’d be fun to toss back a few shots and beers with. So there’s that.

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    • Rex the Wonder Dog!
      Rex the Wonder Dog! 6 November, 2015, 13:24

      She is a very good looking woman IMO.

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      • Ulysses Uhaul
        Ulysses Uhaul 6 November, 2015, 14:00


        Your pinup throb will be in line for a Professorship at Santa Ana College….all said and done……

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      • bob
        bob 6 November, 2015, 21:40

        I think you need a pair of glasses.

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      • ted
        ted 9 November, 2015, 13:52

        LMAO— like a super creepy bunker dwelling internet troll would know!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Bwahahahahaha

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    • bob
      bob 6 November, 2015, 14:56

      She’s got the Native American vote in the bag!

      “I’m going to his office, thinkin’ that I’m gonna go meet with woo-woo-woo-woo, right? ‘Cause he said ‘Indian American,'” she said, using the gesture to try to discern between Indian Americans — with ancestry from India’s subcontinent — and Native Americans.

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  2. Dyspeptic
    Dyspeptic 6 November, 2015, 13:42

    Not that it’s relevant but her looks don’t do anything for me. If you take a close look at the included picture she definitely could use a nip here and a tuck there.

    I would vote for her just because having her as a U.S. Senator would result in nonstop hilarity. Every time she opens her yap it’s like a Saturday Night Live parody of a nincompoop politician.

    That and the fact that Kamala is a stone cold liberal fascist harpy.

    Besides, ya gotta love anyone who can get away with doing an Indian war woop in front of a crowd of Dumbocrat political activists. Priceless man, priceless.

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    • JimmyDeeOC
      JimmyDeeOC 8 November, 2015, 20:02

      True, all of that. Kamala actually scares me. Her commitment to the progressive gospel is even more strident than Clown’s, and she not a senile old feeb to boot.

      As to Loretta – It’s not just WHAT she says….silly as it usually is. It’s HOW she says it.

      I swear sometimes she sounds like a chirpy, flirty, flighty coed.

      Did I say sometimes?

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  3. bob
    bob 6 November, 2015, 14:53

    How pathetic. A Republican’s only hope for defeating Kramala, and it’s a long shot, is a Demonrat. And that’s the way it will be for all statewide offices.

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  4. Ted
    Ted 7 November, 2015, 08:38

    Gosh— they are each so great it will be hard to decide!

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    • Ulysses Uhaul
      Ulysses Uhaul 8 November, 2015, 08:04


      Guv Brown is great…we are so fortunate for competent grounded candidates instead of greedy rich cocktail party grazers!

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