CAGOP extends term limits for chairman

Jim BrulteBurlingame – California Republican Party Chairman Jim Brulte, who was set to be termed out in 2017, was granted eligibility for up to two more terms by the party on Sunday. Brulte was elected in 2013, when the party was near ruin.

Mike Osborn, the chairman of the Ventura County Republican Party, asked delegates to remember where the party was in 2012, when it was more than $1 million in debt, about to slip into a super minority in the legislature and sinking in voter registration (a problem that persists).

“Is there anybody in this room that thinks we’re done,” Osborn asked before recommending Brulte be allowed to run for at least another term.

Brulte previously served as the Republican leader in both chambers of the legislature.

The party on Sunday only allowed for the possibility of two more terms. Brulte will still face reelection. 

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