CA Democrats challenge Lt. Governor Newsom on gun control


Gavin Newsom gun controlSeeking to bolster his early-bird campaign for governor, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom forged ahead with a controversial ballot initiative designed to put severe strictures on guns in California. But in addition to raising the ire of Republicans statewide, Newsom has begun to clash with members of his own party in Sacramento, who don’t share his vision of the right political strategy on the issue in November and beyond. 

Exploiting divides

Beyond “checks for ammunition purchases — like those already in place for guns — the measure would ban possession of large-capacity rifle magazines, require gun owners to notify police when their weapons are lost or stolen, and enact rules for courts to confiscate guns from criminals who are prohibited from possessing them,” the San Francisco Chronicle reported. “Other provisions would reclassify possession of a stolen gun as a felony and require California to share its background check information with the FBI.”

“Newsom said supporters will submit 600,000 signatures on petitions to qualify an initiative that would strengthen California’s gun-control laws, already some of the strictest in the nation. They need 365,880 signatures of registered voters to make the ballot.”

In 1982, the paper noted, gun control advocates’ last effort at taking their agenda directly to voters resulted in defeat at the hands of a well-organized opposition mobilized by the National Rifle Association. Republicans have already begun to plan for a similar effort. Congressional candidate Tim Donnelly called Newsom’s plan a “disaster” that would spur outsized Republican turnout at the polls, according to the Sacramento Bee. “Donnelly, who was once cited for bringing a loaded gun to an airport, said in recent months he’s become an even bigger supporter of gun rights, citing the terror attack in San Bernardino,” the paper added. 

Two different playbooks

With the state GOP divided and stunned by Donald Trump’s sweep toward the Republican nomination for president, however, Newsom has not put a great deal of stock in opposition to his plan from the right. On the left, however, he has stepped on the toes of legislative Democrats, complicating his plans considerably. Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León, D-Los Angeles, “wants him to agree to step aside if the issue can gain traction in the Legislature by June,” as the Los Angeles Times reported. De León “warned his fellow Democrat in a private letter on Thursday that pursuing the initiative could ‘derail’ gun control” — but “Newsom wrote back later Thursday urging de León to join his initiative drive. He voiced skepticism about legislative efforts to address gun control, adding that the measure de León supports is ‘fundamentally different’ from his ballot measure, the Safety for All Act.”

“Newsom said only an initiative, for instance, can amend part of 2014’s criminal justice measure, Proposition 47 — a portion that critics say would allow people convicted of theft of a firearm to be charged with a lesser crime than felony grand theft.”

For their part, Critical Democrats have expressed worries that Newsom is willing to risk a political miscalculation in order to establish his brand as a proactive progressive who shouldn’t be seriously challenged in his run for higher office.

Although both de León and Newsom could benefit from support from within the governor’s mansion, neither has managed to lock it in. “Evan Westrup, spokesman for Gov. Jerry Brown, maintained the governor has not taken a position on this initiative and generally doesn’t comment on pending ballot measures,” Fox News reported. “But in 2013 the governor vetoed a proposed reporting of stolen or lost firearms, saying he was ‘not convinced that criminalizing the failure to report a lost or stolen firearm would improve identification of gun traffickers or help law enforcement disarm people prohibited from possessing guns.'”


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  1. Spurwing Plover
    Spurwing Plover 8 May, 2016, 07:09

    Typical of Newsom who gose around escorted by armed goons to demand the citizens go aroun unarmed at the mercy of the same crinimals that support the demac-RAT party him and Moonbeam both seem to think their so privlaged

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  2. ricky65
    ricky65 8 May, 2016, 07:35

    Newsom is a despicable POS.
    But then when your only known accomplishment is banging your best friend and campaign manager’s wife you need something to jump start your failed political career.
    So let’s get out there and beat up on those law abiding gun owners again. It’s not as if Cali did not have enough real lawbreakers roaming the streets. We need to make even more criminals out of innocent gun owners by using ex post facto laws to create a new class of criminals.
    And if Gruesome Newsome is not enough, we have the Preening Prince, Kevin Ponce a Deleon (or more accurately Pounce-a daily- on the -taxpayer) waiting in the wings to steal more of your freedoms. Jeez, what a state this is.

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    • Dyspeptic
      Dyspeptic 8 May, 2016, 16:33

      “Newsom is a despicable POS”

      That statement is actually an insult to fecal matter which at least can be recycled into compost. Newsome is not even that useful.

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  3. hoodphil
    hoodphil 8 May, 2016, 10:00

    “the measure would ban possession of large-capacity rifle magazines, require gun owners to notify police when their weapons are lost or stolen, and enact rules for courts to confiscate guns from criminals who are prohibited from possessing them,”

    This is an overreach. Police already confiscate guns if they believe they could be or have been used in a crime. We do not need to put together a giant program that inconveniences all Americans when relatively few commit gun violence. Instead we need to focus on vulnerable populations. The odds of a white wealthy person like Newsom being killed in gun violence is as low or lower than it is in countries like Germany and Sweden and is most likely to occur by his or her own hand. Our homicide problem is concentrated in certain communities and that is where the focus of public health and gun policy should focus.

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  4. Stuart Mill
    Stuart Mill 8 May, 2016, 14:14

    The metrosexual wonderkind was a source of much conversation among law enforcement in SF, when he doubled the armed security around him from previous mayors. Of course,he only knows who he was bedding. There are pissed off husbands, homosexuals, owners of wayward domestic animals, among many, that have legitimate grievances with the aspiring governor.

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  5. Spurwing Plover
    Spurwing Plover 9 May, 2016, 07:14

    Newsom’s so narrow minded if you put his brain on the edge of a raizor it would look like a pea rolling down a four lane highway

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  6. Dog in Diego
    Dog in Diego 9 May, 2016, 07:31

    All of the people in California who legally own grandfathered magazines that hold 11 or more rounds of ammunition are literally old enough to be grandparents. People who are statistically the least likely to every commit any kind of violent crime in their remaining lifetimes. Although there may be millions of us Newsom is willing, even eager, to throw us under the bus in his relentless pursuit of power.

    He is the worst among the most vile class of people – Career politicians.

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  7. Queeg
    Queeg 9 May, 2016, 09:00


    Your fears your dreams your futures are controlled by a demented social culture Nero….pity…degregation and cultural filth have engulfed the northern elites….you are next doomers!

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  8. Spurwing Plover
    Spurwing Plover 9 May, 2016, 22:49

    REFUSE TO REGISTER YOUR GUNS like they did it the states of New York and Conneticutt

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  9. SkippingDog
    SkippingDog 12 May, 2016, 21:48

    Nice to see the gun fetishists out in force. Looks like California will lead the way forward again. Remember, as California goes, so goes the nation.

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