Clinton, Sanders virtually tied in CA, both lead Trump

Clinton and sandersHillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are virtually tied in their quest for the Democratic presidential nomination among likely voters in California, with both leading the prospective Republican nominee, Donald Trump, according to a Public Policy Institute of California poll released Wednesday night.

Meanwhile, according to the poll, the Republican brand is falling in California, even among Republicans, although neither party’s voters are widely satisfied with their choices for president.

And while it’s unclear how Californians will vote in November, they are currently rejecting by a wide margin Trump’s immigration positions to build a wall along the U.S./Mexico border and to deport all or many of the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country.

CA will probably still chose a Democrat for president

Clinton, the former U.S. secretary of state, leads Sanders, a U.S. senator from Vermont, 46 percent to 44 percent of California Democrats and independents, just two weeks away from the June 7 primary.

Trump, the business tycoon, leads the Republican field with 67 percent of likely Republican voters saying they’d support him. Of course, he’s also the only major candidate left standing, but 26 percent of likely Republican voters say they’d vote for someone else.

Unsurprisingly, since California hasn’t chosen a Republican for president since George H. W. Bush in 1988, both Democratic candidates lead Trump in a head-to-head matchup.

Of the two Democrats, Sanders fares better among likely voters against Trump, leading 53 percent to 36 percent with 11 percent either undecided or ready to vote for someone else. Clinton also leads among likely voters against Trump, 49 percent to 39 percent.

Are there no more options?

A majority of California voters dislike their options for presidential candidates, with only 42 percent responding that they’re satisfied. In May 2012, the same poll showed 57 percent responded that they were satisfied with their choices, which included the sitting Democratic president, Barack Obama, and the presumptive Republican nominee, Mitt Romney.

Much of the disappointment is among Republicans and independents, with only 36 percent and 35 percent, respectively, liking their choices. Fifty-three percent of Democrats are satisfied.

Republican favorability plummeting

Neither party is particularly popular in California at the moment, but Republicans are faring much worse than Democrats.

Less than half of likely voters (42 percent) said they have a favorable impression of Democrats, while only 23 percent have a favorable view of Republicans.

Even worse for the Republican Party is that among registered Republicans, favorability plummeted to 38 percent after having been at 74 percent in December.

Democratic favorability among Democrats is largely unchanged from December, having dropped only two points to 74 percent.

Californians dislike the wall

One of the most identifiable positions Trump has taken is a promise to build a wall across the entire U.S./Mexico border, which is an idea that only 33 percent of likely voters in California think is a good one.

Trump had also previously suggested that he’d deport all 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the country, although he has since softened his stance to say it’s negotiable. But 75 percent of likely voters in California say there should be some type of path to citizenship for those living in the country illegally.

This certainly contributes to why 69 percent of Latinos in California have an unfavorable view of Republicans, compared to 61 percent having a favorable view of Democrats.


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  1. Queeg
    Queeg 25 May, 2016, 22:03


    It comes down to free stuff not Visigoth walls or a mean bogeyman.

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  2. Dude
    Dude 26 May, 2016, 01:58

    The author of this propaganda is full of it. I deal with California citizens from both sides of the political spectrum every day. Everyone one of them are 100% in favor of the wall. The only people I’ve talked with that are against it are illegal aliens. And don’t argue my terminology. They’re illegal aliens. There’s no such thing as undocumented immigrants.

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  3. Dork
    Dork 26 May, 2016, 06:01

    “Californians dislike the wall”

    The writer must hang out near 5th and Wall in Los Angeles a Lot, because That is not what I see and hear and I deal with the Public all day.

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  4. Ted is the BEST---- just admit it!
    Ted is the BEST---- just admit it! 26 May, 2016, 08:46

    It would be a catastrophe if Moron Trump was elected—– we would all long for the days of Obama and even Bush…….

    trolls discuss now–

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  5. SeeSaw
    SeeSaw 26 May, 2016, 19:57

    I dislike the wall! The voters must have a group, “death wish”–Reince Priebus is the most pathetic weeny to ever be in charge of the Republican party. He is leading the lemmings to the edge of the cliff and is going to watch them all fall off! It’s for the Party!

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  6. Dude
    Dude 26 May, 2016, 20:54

    I guess SeeSaw hasn’t checked the polls lately and hasn’t heard about the inspector general’s report on Hitlery’s illegal use and subsequent “wiping” of her unauthorized personal email server.

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  7. Ted -- you love him, admit it!
    Ted -- you love him, admit it! 26 May, 2016, 21:18

    seesaw knows the polls— she’s smarter than you little buddy— she knows that in a month or so Bernie’s fans will stop Drumpf by coming over to Hil…….watch and try to learn —–

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  8. Spurwing Plover
    Spurwing Plover 26 May, 2016, 22:47

    The totaly drugged out and boozed out residents of Southern California who vote to reelect Moonbeam then wonder why the cost of livings so high

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    • SeeSaw
      SeeSaw 27 May, 2016, 20:51

      Well, so much for reasonable debate–I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, considering your usual dodderings. Accusing regular citizens of being drugged and boozed out on the basis of what evidence? JB was re-elected because he was the best candidate and we who voted for him know how to use our brains. Who needs drugs and booze? I use neither substance–how about you?

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  9. skippingDog
    skippingDog 27 May, 2016, 16:44

    More interesting is that the most recent SurveyUSA poll shows Clinton leading Sanders in California by 18%.

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  10. Spurwing Plover
    Spurwing Plover 29 May, 2016, 07:25

    And Hollyweed always supports the far left canidates look how much they support a traitor like Obama americans #1 worst presidents ever

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    • T Ted Pickens
      T Ted Pickens 30 May, 2016, 09:44

      President Obama has been one of our best Presidents

      war ender
      huge job creation on his watch
      restored US credibility abroad

      etc etc etc

      G Bush? Hmmmmm—-lol lmao !!

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  11. Dude
    Dude 30 May, 2016, 10:51

    President Obama has been one of our worst President

    war not ended
    huge job loss on his watch
    destroyed US credibility abroad

    etc etc etc

    Hitlery? Hmmmmm—-lol lmao !! Just another Obonehead

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    • T Ted Obama Steele
      T Ted Obama Steele 30 May, 2016, 21:03

      LOL Doood– you tea baggers live in denial! LMAO
      You appear to be clueless on the facts!
      As per usual Democrats have to clean up 8 years of a Bush! LMAO

      Now you have Trump !!! Bwahahahahaha

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  12. SkippingDog
    SkippingDog 1 June, 2016, 19:59

    I particularly like the marked decline in Republican favorablility rates. That means it’s entirely likely that Democrats will restore their supermajority in the state legislature, just in time for Jerry Brown to sign some significant career legacy legislation.

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