Trump’s Mexico-baiting roils CA, GOP


Trump protesters 2Donald Trump’s primary victory in California came along with a big cost to his campaign, as the presumptive Republican nominee’s sustained attacks and insinuations against Mexicans and Mexican-Americans roiled the Golden State and slowed the party’s move to consolidate around him.

Although Trump has long put his plans for a border wall at the center of his campaign, he recently drew a fresh chorus of criticism for his invective against the judge involved in the highest-profile lawsuit against him. “Trump implied in interviews last week that U.S. district judge Gonzalo Curiel, who was born in Indiana to Mexican immigrant parents, is unfit to hear a case involving the candidate’s disgraced Trump University because ‘he’s Mexican’ and thus has a conflict of interest due to Trump’s comments about Mexicans during the presidential campaign,” as Vice News recalled.

Drawing fire

In a shift that had even some Trump supporters concerned, the national news media pounced on the Curiel story, aggressively fact-checking Trump’s vague but pointed charges. “Trump said Curiel belonged to a group that is very strongly pro-Mexican. The California La Raza Lawyers Association does advance the interests of the Latino legal community and works on issues that matter in Latino communities more broadly. However, it has stayed on the sidelines in the immigration debate,” PolitiFact noted. “Trump’s statement is accurate only in the sense that the association’s mission aims to support Latinos, but even that is flawed because he said the group was pro-Mexican and the Latino designation reaches a wider set of people. The claim ignores critical facts that would give a very different impression.”

Trump’s charges, which many leading Republicans have decried as race-baiting or worse, also offered California Democrats a cudgel with which to beat their in-state opponents. “Democrats seeking to unseat several Republican members of Congress from California linked the incumbents to Donald Trump,” the Associated Press observed, “hoping to tap discontent with the presumptive GOP presidential nominee in districts with large numbers of Democrats and Latinos.” Although several GOP incumbents survived handily, the state GOP’s nerves frayed further over fears that massive anti-Trump turnout will sink their failing fortunes come November.

Violence from the left

But Trump’s adversaries confronted a public relations mess of their own in his wake, as protests that spiraled into violence fed perceptions among pro-Trump voters that even peaceful rallies will meet with intimidation and physical retaliation. “Donald Trump supporters leaving the presumptive GOP nominee’s rally in San Jose […] were pounced by protesters, some of whom threw punches and eggs,” according to NBC Los Angeles. “The protesters chased and taunted Trump’s supporters outside the San Jose Convention Center. They surrounded one woman and threw eggs and bottles at her.”

Those attacks have now resulted in arrests. Three juvenile males “were accused of taking part in a number of skirmishes between Trump supporters and anti-Trump demonstrators […] outside the San Jose Convention Center,” where Trump was holding one of his trademark rallies, Reuters reported. “Two of the teenagers, aged 16 and 17, face charges of felony assault with a deadly weapon. The third, also 16, faces a misdemeanor battery charge, the San Jose Police Department said in a statement.”

“Four others were arrested during the protests last week. Two 19-year-olds and an 18-year-old face charges of felony assault with a deadly weapon, while another 19-year-old faces a misdemeanor charge of refusal to disperse. It is unclear whether the seven charged were Trump supporters or among the hundreds of protesters who were seen on news clips waving Mexican flags, chanting anti-Trump slogans, and burning Trump hats and at least one U.S. flag.”

Costly California

Nevertheless, with Hillary Clinton opening a bigger lead over Trump in the polls now that she has all but dispatched Bernie Sanders, analysts doubt that Trump can put California electorally in play. Despite his apparent claim to the contrary, as Slate observed, California’s high campaign cost seems prohibitive barring a dramatic change in his fortunes.


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  1. Dude
    Dude 11 June, 2016, 11:20

    “It is unclear whether the seven charged were Trump supporters or among the hundreds of protesters who were seen on news clips waving Mexican flags”

    Is there any question that this author is a flaming liberal?

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  2. skippingdog
    skippingdog 11 June, 2016, 13:26

    Pete Wilson and Proposition 187 killed any Hispanic support for Republicans for at least a generation. Good job, Pubs!

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  3. Mike
    Mike 11 June, 2016, 13:53

    Anyone notice that other Latinos, Puerto Rican, Cuban are not standing with the Mexicans? Racists? They are intelligent,if it looks like ….., smells like ….., it is …..! Phew.

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  4. aufever
    aufever 11 June, 2016, 20:24

    What gets me is some of the supposedly intelligent Republican’s like Romney and Paul Ryan are calling Trump racist for using the term Mexican, Mexican is a Nationality not a Race and don’t use wikipedia for a reference

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  5. aufever
    aufever 11 June, 2016, 20:30

    The Media is not reporting that the law firm bringing the Class Action Lawsuit also gave the Clinton’s $675,000 for speeches, nothing rotten here folks, just keep on walking by.

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  6. T Ted CWD Hero
    T Ted CWD Hero 11 June, 2016, 20:46

    Trump is a thin skinned racist loon——conservatives created him and now they have to live with him—-

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  7. Dude
    Dude 11 June, 2016, 21:05

    Hitlery is a thick headed/bodied sociopath that is unable to tell the truth–Satan created her and gave his weak, liberal minions no choice but to accept him/her–

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  8. Michael
    Michael 12 June, 2016, 15:01

    T Ted,

    I will enjoy the carnage when President Trump cuts off all Federal Funding for the Sanctuary Cities of San Jose and San Francisco. Perhaps he will say “if you like your illegals you can pay for them….”

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  9. Ted Steele---- Accept no substitute!
    Ted Steele---- Accept no substitute! 12 June, 2016, 21:14

    Michael– I agree about the sanctuary city thing— it seems bad to me too— but Trump is a very loosley wound Loon— I’ll take Hillary ANY day!

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  10. Spurwing Plover
    Spurwing Plover 13 June, 2016, 09:36


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    • Rev Ted
      Rev Ted 14 June, 2016, 19:29

      Zzzzzzzz you live in a thin skinned ignorant gooney dreamworld— come out of the cave into the light little buddy!

      What would Jesus do? Or are you a non believer? It’s cool– just curious…..

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