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There Ought To Be A Pat On Back 0

Steven Greenhut: California legislators sponsor a “There Ought To Be A Law Contest” to get ideas from constituents and students on, er, the new laws the state ought to have. Even some good solid Republicans go for this nonsense. We’ve

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A New Portrait for Jerry Brown?

Laura Sucheski: Here’s a question that’s surely been on the minds of California political history geeks everywhere. If Jerry Brown wins the governor’s race, it will be his second time holding the office.  And just like the President of the

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'Let them eat pie!' 0

Laura Sucheski: Democrats and Republicans made heavy use of baking-related analogies to the budget crisis today at the Capitol.   Republicans suggested Dem budget plans are half-baked ideas and decided to present them with an Easy-Bake oven to reheat those

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