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AG questions San Diego school board chief

For the second time in recent months, San Diego Unified School Board President Marne Foster is facing official scrutiny over her conduct. The California Attorney General’s Office has questioned the legality of a raffle held at an unusual July 25

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Court weighs documents in high-speed rail case

A court ruling is expected within weeks on whether certain documents should be considered in a lawsuit against California’s High-Speed Rail Authority. The state has argued for limiting the evidence to documents, such as business plans and environmental reviews, from

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Fresno Unified has big, related legal headaches

Fresno Unified — California’s fourth-largest school district — is reeling from a state appeals court ruling that imperils the way it’s been doing bidding for school construction projects. At the same, the $37 million deal that led to the court

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Another court embarrassment for state AG Kamala Harris

Fresh off her odd handling of the bullet train’s legal issues, Attorney General Kamala Harris is at it again. Per the coverage of the San Francisco Chronicle, incompetence followed by posturing is what this looks like: “Attorney General Kamala Harris

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