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CA Uber ruling prompts sharp, varied reaction

The ruling of the California Labor Commission last week that an Uber driver is an employee of the company — not a contractor — prompted national and international reaction from economists and other close observers of the growing “sharing” economy.

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Analysts look to water markets to fight CA drought

Scrambling for workable models found elsewhere in resources policy, some analysts have begun to argue that California should regulate markets for water. At Bloomberg View, for instance, the editors made a splash with a recommendation drawn from Australia’s approach to limited

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Parallels between Australia, Assembly AB 32 revolt are obvious

One of the most universal findings in the social sciences has been the uniform way that humans at all stages of history have been for something that they think reflects well on them until they perceive that it costs them

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New PM Abbott dumps Aussie carbon tax

Last weekend Australians voted the ruling Labor Party from power. The Opposition Coalition led by Tony Abbott of Australia's conservative party, which is called the Liberal Party, defeated Labor Party candidate Kevin Rudd on promises to end the country's carbon

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Video: Gun control kills

Sept. 21, 2012 By John Seiler California’s gun control fanatics took a rest this year because of the election. Gun control loses for Democrats. But they’ll be back next year for sure. We’ll be reminded of the Aurora and other

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