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Sen. Huff: People are sick of partisan politics

2016 started with a bit of a bipartisan bump with Senate Pro Tem Kevin de León and former Senate Republican leader Bob Huff at center stage. When the Senate reconvened two weeks ago, de León of Los Angeles and other

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Critics warn drug mandate will increase health care costs

A prescription drug bill, Assembly Bill 339, would save money for many with chronic medical conditions. But critics warn that it also will increase insurance premiums for everyone else and make it harder for insurers to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies

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Concerns raised over taxpayer disclosure bill

A bill that recently passed the state Assembly would make it easier to disclose confidential tax information and harass businesses, warn Republican legislators. But Assemblyman Mike Gipson, D-Carson, the author of Assembly Bill 567, asserts that his measure simply increases

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Video: An unsustainable recovery in California

Former California State Finance Director Tom Campbell gives his take on California’s economic outlook.  

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