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California high court says public records are public, even on a private email

SACRAMENTO – Earlier this month, the California Supreme Court unanimously overturned an appeals court decision that had provided a large loophole in the state’s public-records act. The case, City of San Jose v. Superior Court of Santa Clara County, revolves around

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Records of lawmakers a step closer to transparency

A judge has found that the records of lawmakers can be subject to open records requests, making California one of 28 states in which the records of state lawmakers are open to the public. The April 3 ruling  interprets a part

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Secrecy, deception: CA bullet train follows path of Big Dig

One of the defining characteristics of a government boondoggle is secrecy. Boondoggles are much less likely to come to pass if early scrutiny reveals huge problems. This was illustrated perfectly by the “Big Dig” — the Boston tunnel and road

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Govt. Fights Citizens' Right to Know 1

APRIL 12, 2011 By TORI RICHARDS A recent appellate court decision could have far-reaching impact on whether citizens can successfully fight government agencies for documents under the California Public Records Act. Attorneys battling for public records only have one big hammer —

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