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CA Budget: New spending dwarfed by billions set aside in reserves

When the annual California budget debate began in earnest with Gov. Jerry Brown’s release of a proposed 2018-19 fiscal plan in January, progressives were ready to go with a long list of new spending proposals. Many hoped to both expand

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Progressives look to shame Gov. Brown over high rate of child poverty

When Jerry Brown returned to the governor’s office in 2011, Democrats largely accepted his argument that with revenue down and deficits high because of a deep recession, the state budget needed to be as lean as possible. But since revenue

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Legislature approves $50-per-month diaper benefit

Low-income Californians could soon receive a monthly, $50 benefit for diaper purchases, according to a bill approved by the Legislature on Tuesday. The monthly benefit would be given for each child two years old or younger, with a requirement that the

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CA welfare state wants more ‘clients’

March 22, 2013 By Katy Grimes The Employment Development Department used to be called the “Unemployment Department.” And state welfare recipients are now “clients.” The majority party in the California Legislature appears determined on expanding social services in the state

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Democrats jeopardize $1.3 billion in federal funds

May 15, 2012 By Katy Grimes It appears that Democrats aren’t really sincere or even serious about working toward solutions that will actually help California solve the economic crisis in the state. Last week, Democrats voted against a smart consolidation program

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