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Legislators, governor to get 4 percent raise

A state panel approved a 4 percent increase in pay for legislators and statewide elected officers on Wednesday. The average legislator’s salary will rise to $104,118 annually, although several have refused any increases. Gov. Jerry Brown’s salary will increase to $190,103 annually. The

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Vacancies, dysfunction cause legislator-pay commission to cancel meeting

Last month, CalWatchdog reported that the commission on state lawmaker pay was plagued by vacancies. This month, the California Citizens Compensation Commission had to cancel its annual meeting scheduled for Wednesday due to lack of quorum.  The seven members of the

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Average Joe seat on state commission filled by the well-connected

Stockton’s Anthony and Rima Barkett were hosting a fabulous party in Rome in 2007 to discuss what the world could do to stop the Darfur killings. The party’s guest list included actors Don Cheadle and George Clooney, two Nobel Laureates

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Vacancies plague commission determining elected official pay

It’s almost that time of year again when a panel of citizens will decide whether to raise pay for the state’s top elected officials. But as it stands now, the California Citizens Compensation Commission will be woefully underrepresented when it meets

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Some legislators proudly refuse pay increases

Only in public office could the distinction of lowest paid be worn as a badge of honor. But Richard Roth, a Riverside Democrat, has refused every pay increase since being elected to the state Senate in 2012, making $90,526 per year

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