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Debra Bowen revelations appear to explain her failure on job

Saturday’s Los Angeles Times’ bombshell about Secretary of State Debra Bowen’s struggles with depression struck a sad chord with many people who have struggled with mental illness or had a family member with such problems. Two months before Californians go

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Economic Decline Accelerating

John Seiler: The recent phony budget deal that Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law anticipated $4 billion in extra revenues from a booming economy. Oops. All the indicators coming out show that the economy is declining again, meaning tax revenues

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Vallejo Is Dying

John Seiler: Newsweek listed the Top 10 cities in America that are dying. No. 1 is New Orleans, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. No. 2 is Vallejo, which has suffered more than any other city from the Schwarzenegger Decade

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'Surviving California' Blog

My friend Bob Pace has a blog called “Surviving California.” Great name. I wish I’d thought of it. It makes you think of your life as being on one of those Reality TV shows, although in this case you’re not

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Worse than you think

John Seiler: If you’ve been reading CalWatchDog.com, you’ve seen my pieces warning that the economy might not perform up to the expectations of Gov. Arnold and the leaders in the Legislature. Back on June 21, I warned that a recession

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