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Skelton ignores Gov. Earl Warren's crimes against loyal Japanese-Americans

Columnist George Skelton, who now and then enjoys an intimate interview with Gov. Jerry Brown, proclaims: “Jerry Brown is now the longest-serving governor in California history. That doesn't put him up there with the greats. But it's starting to look

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U.S. Census Bureau ratted out Japanese Americans in WWII

Sept. 5, 2012 By John Seiler One of the most disgraceful acts in American history was the incarceration of loyal Japanese-Americans in what President Roosevelt, who instigated the abomination, called “concentration camps.” Under FDR’s unconstitutional Executive Order 9066, more than

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Skelton Right on Initiative Reform

John Seiler: I was so shocked this morning when I saw George Skelton’s column that I had to read it twice. I actually agreed with him. He’s calling for reform of the state’s broken initiative process. He bashes Attorney General

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