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Arizona boycott backfires

John Seiler: You read it here first, folks. In several blogs over the past few months, I predicted that the boycott of Arizona for its immigration law, SB 1070, would be a massive failure. The YouTube at the end of

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Debates: Meg & Jerry should do 25 0

John Seiler: Meg Whitman is OK with three debates until the November election, Jerry wants 10. But what we should have is two debates every week. That would be about 25. My idea comes from the JFK-Goldwater debates of 1964.

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Admin costs crowd out teaching 5

JULY 26, 2010 By JOHN SEILER A revealing new study shows that in recent years increases in the administrative costs of California’s K-12 schools have squeezed salaries for teachers. It shines a powerful searchlight on exactly what goes on in

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Meg & Carly Sell Out 0

John Seiler: Meg and Carly might be rookies at politics, but they’re fast learners. They’re already selling out the positions they took to win the primaries. One of Meg’s primary ads featured Gov. Pete Wilson calling her “tough as nails”

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