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Arena lawsuit: Sacramento officials will be deposed

The judge's order in the Sacramento arena lawsuit is in: Sacramento City Councilman Kevin McCarty and Sacramento Economic Development Director Jim Rhinehart will be deposed about undisclosed dealings between city officials and the new Kings ownership group to help it buy

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Arena lawsuit: Deposition of key officials nears go-ahead

Opponents of the push for a heavily subsidized downtown Sacramento basketball arena are closer to forcing key city insiders to tell what they know about how much taxpayers actually will have to pay for the project. Last week, Sacramento Superior

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Sacramento arena lawsuit dribbles forward

There was no fast break at a recent court date concerning a suit by Sacramento activists opposed to tax subsidies for a new arena. The activists are Issac Gonzalez, James Cathcart and Julian Camacho. CalWatchdog.com attended the Dec. 19 hearing before

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Politicians seek special enviro deal on arena

This is Part One of a two-part series. March 30, 2013 By Katy Grimes SACRAMENTO — The unusually speedy approval of a new NBA arena for the Kings basketball team in the heart of downtown Sacramento leaves many details and

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John Shirey: Master of Disaster

Steven Greenhut: As head of the California Redevelopment Association, John Shirey helped lead many local cities into a deep fiscal pit based on the redevelopment borrow-and-spend policies that promised great windfalls from these crony capitalist deals. Shirey was smart when

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Redevelopment Partners In Slime

Katy Grimes: Trying to fill the thrice-vacant City Manager position, Sacramento’s City Council made a job offer to a candidate yesterday. But the politically incestuous connection local politicians have with John Shirey, the candidate and current head of the California Redevelopment

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