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New analysis ranks California nearly last in liberty

When it comes to liberty, California is one of the most restrictive states on its citizens, according to a new study. The Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank, in its “Freedom in the 50 States” report divided liberty into three categories: personal,

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Burning Man bests perk-hungry regulators

A nerve-wracking negotiation with federal officials has been resolved in favor of the Burning Man festival, saving the organization behind the event from shelling out big sums for luxe accommodations. The controversy, which made national news, pitted festival organizers against the

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Video: How can libertarians reach more people

Nov. 22, 2012 By Brian Calle Here’s an upbeat message on selling liberty from Judd Weiss, a libertarian activist. We mention pies. Happy Thanksgiving!

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We have been deleting abusive comments 65

June 8, 2012 By John Seiler We appreciate our commentators adding to our articles. But the past two days I have spent several hours deleting abusive posts, in particular from one commentator who has contributed interesting, civil comments in the

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