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Three Democratic lawmakers make intentions for statewide office Twitterficial

Nothing is official until it’s on Twitter, which is why several Democrats today announced their candidacies for higher office Tuesday in the Twittersphere. Treasurer John Chiang made it official that he would be running for governor after announcing he was

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The most important function Gavin Newsom could perform

The L.A. Times ran an amusing story about Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s frustrations at holding his useless position. Gov. Jerry Brown ignores him. Even the state Senate, which he technically presides over, gave him the boot. It’s incredibly infuriating for

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Calif. GOP Deflects At Convention

Katy Grimes: While many described the California Republican Party convention this weekend as being drama filled because of the differences within the party, I found it lacking in any sincere drama – that is, lacking in substance. Too much took

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Gav hits Maldo on taxes

John Seiler: Ya gotta love it. In Feb. 2009, state Sen. Abel Maldonado, by voting for tax increases, sold his soul to become Arnold’s chauffeur. As a reward, Maldo was appointed Lt. Gov. In his re-election bid, Maldo’s opponent for

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England vs. Maldonado

John Seiler: Conservative activist Karen England is running a write-in campaign against Abel “Arnold’s Chauffeur” Maldonado for the Lt. Gov.’s seat. In this year of the maverick, anything is possible. Maybe she could win. At a minimum, she could dump

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Just one question

If the Governor, Assembly and Senate can’t agree on whether Sen. Abel Maldonado has actually been confirmed to be our state’s lieutenant governor — our state’s most useless public office — and may, in fact, just toss the whole thing

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