Gav hits Maldo on taxes

Gav hits Maldo on taxes

John Seiler:

Ya gotta love it. In Feb. 2009, state Sen. Abel Maldonado, by voting for tax increases, sold his soul to become Arnold’s chauffeur. As a reward, Maldo was appointed Lt. Gov.

In his re-election bid, Maldo’s opponent for this pointless job that ought to be eliminated, and is good only for comedy, is S.F. Mayor Gavin “Call Me Gav” Newsom. Now Gav, a liberal Democrat, is hitting Maldo on the tax increase:

Newsom’s ad…features the sound of teapot whistling as a man asks his wife, “Hey, honey, what do you know about the lieutenant governor’s race?”

The wife replies, “I know one thing. I know who I’m NOT voting for . . A guy named Abel Maldonado.

The wife goes on to say that Maldonado, who Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed lieutenant governor this year, had promised not to raise taxes when he was a GOP state senator.

“Then he cuts a backroom deal with Arnold Schwarzenegger,” the wife says, and he “voted to cut our public schools and supported the biggest tax increase in California history.”

Amusingly, the ad says (this wasn’t in the news story) that Maldo “hasn’t been straight with us.” Coming from S.F., is that Gav’s double entendre, a Freudian slip, or both?

Here’s the ad, one of those annoying ones in which a fake wife instructs her fake husband. (That’s because they’re trying to sway “decline to state” women voters to back Gav.)

Posted Sept. 23, 2010

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