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More guns, less crime 62

July 23, 2012 By Katy Grimes The mainstream news reports about the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting on Thursday night is the worst reporting and irresponsible commentary I’ve ever seen. And once again, guns are the bad guy. As American liberals

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Repetitive Media Bias Denial 8

Katy Grimes: Twice in one week, the Sacramento Bee printed grating op eds by retired Bee editors. Earlier in the week, former Bee editor Peter Schrag wrote that the Occupy movement is being orchestrated by a “shadowy right-wing cabal.” With

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I Scoop the L.A. Times by Two Days 0

John Seiler: Today’s Los Angeles Times story reports: GOP plans attacks on the EPA and climate scientists If Republicans win control of the House, they plan to go after the Obama administration’s environmental policies and the researchers who have offered

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