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Reforming Anaheim council representation 6

Sept. 10, 2012 By Michael Warnken Sept. 10, 2012 Until the public shooting of two Hispanic men by local police just a month ago, Anaheim was mostly known for the Anaheim Angels, Gene Autry and Disneyland. Today, we are well

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Time to bring back Calif. Justices of the Peace 18

July 2, 2012 By Michael Warnken Upon recent news of the state’s $16 billion dollar budget deficit, the legislature began making deep cuts in numerous programs. One of the most devastating cuts of $544 million was to the state judiciary.

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S.F. Upholds Right to Hold Public Officials Accountable 7

Commentary MARCH 27, 2012 By MICHAEL WARNKEN I have been casually watching the events in San Francisco involving Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi and the county Board of Supervisors. The sheriff recently plead guilty to misdemeanor domestic violence in an incident involving

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Time to Carve Up California? 26

FEB. 21, 2012 By MICHAEL WARNKEN This issue of Splitting California into two or more states has come into the greater public eye once again. This matter is dredged up every few years by a different group of Californians who

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Initiative would create citizen Legislature 0

JULY 8, 2011 By STEVEN GREENHUT A former Republican presidential candidate and long-time political reformer said Wednesday that he plans on leading a statewide initiative effort designed to expand the number of politicians in the state by reducing the size

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