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Dueling prison plans: Brown vs. Steinberg

SACRAMENTO — California continues to grapple with a 2009 federal court order requiring reductions in prison overcrowding. Two plans are before the Legislature: One by Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento; the second by Gov. Jerry Brown. On Wednesday,

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Bloomberg News breaks new ground on state’s dysfunction

Dec. 12, 2012 By Chris Reed There are so many killer facts in the Bloomberg News story from Tuesday on how California went to hell that I barely know where to start. So many have never been exposed by the

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Gov. Brown campaigns for rich public-employee unions

Commentary Oct. 31, 2012 By Mark Cabaniss If you have the stomach, listen to Jesuit seminary dropout (1957)  Gov. Jerry Brown out on the campaign trail recently, selling his newest tax hike, Proposition 30:  “I like to quote from St.

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Cal Guards Meeting at Rio Las Vegas

John Seiler: I know California’s economy is in tough shape. But I’m happy that the state’s prison guards are meeting in Las Vegas, where Gov.-elect Jerry Brown just addressed them. Their union leaders have tough jobs making sure every last taxpayer

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